Byrne Identity: Cass Presents Internal ‘State Of The Ravens’

The Ravens team president met with staff and highlighted the accomplishments of the team.

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Ravens President Highlights Team Accomplishments

As Ravens fans, we have a very sound foundation to brag a little about our recent success.

We are the only NFL team to go to the playoffs the last four seasons. Not only that, we have won a playoff game in each of those seasons and appeared in two AFC championship games during this time. (Plus, we’ve earned the playoffs five of the last six seasons.) We strive to and we believe we can get better.

There are some other factors that the extended Ravens’ family can boast about. Members of the Ravens organization were fortunate to listen to our team president Dick Cass address us Thursday (7/19) morning. Dick does an internal “state of the Ravens” annually, and he agreed to share some of what he told us with you. I think you’ll find these facts interesting – and it might give you “ammunition” when you talk about your team with friends or relatives who root for other NFL teams.

Here’s what Dick Cass told us:

“For the fourth-consecutive year, we set a new TV ratings record in the Baltimore market for our regular-season games.  The household rating average for the 2011 season was 37.3.  We had the fourth-highest TV rating average among all NFL markets.  That 37.3 household rating is particularly strong when compared to our household rating (17.8) in our Super Bowl season (2000) and our household rating just four seasons ago (24.7 in 2007).  The household rating in Baltimore for last January’s AFC championship game was 51.9, which is 25 percent higher than the rating in the Baltimore market for our 2008 AFC championship game against the Steelers and higher than the rating for the Super Bowl against the Giants in January 2001. This is dramatic growth, especially for a franchise that is young when compared to teams like the Giants, Bears and the old-line NFL teams.

“Traffic to our website ( continues to grow.  Even though Baltimore is only the 27th-largest media market in the country, among the 28 NFL teams for which data is available, we were in the top 10 of these teams in terms of unique visitors to our website in almost every month of the 2011 season.  In December, we were seventh in the NFL in terms of unique visitors, third in terms of total visits to our site, and first in average time spent on the site during each visit.

“Fan surveys conducted by the NFL show that the game-day experience at M&T Bank Stadium continues to be strong.  The league surveyed season ticket holders of all 32 teams during the 2011 season.  In the survey, we ranked third best in the NFL in terms of overall satisfaction with the game-day experience.
“We are continuing to work hard to improve the game-day experience at M&T Bank Stadium and have spent millions of dollars over the past seven years on various stadium improvements.  During the past year, Verizon, our sponsor and partner, has invested millions of additional dollars to provide yet another enhancement.  Verizon has built a 4G network at the stadium that will be fully operational this season.  In addition to dramatically improving cell service at the stadium on game days, Verizon’s 4G network will enable us to provide fans in the stadium unique offerings through the Baltimore Ravens’ mobile app.

“Notwithstanding the fourth-consecutive year of a decrease in total ticket sales around the NFL, our ticket sales remained strong in 2011.  Heading into the 2012 season, all of our tickets, both premium and non-premium, have been sold, with the exception of the limited number of tickets we hold for sale to the public, visiting teams and our players. We have also sold all of our suites for this season and did so earlier than we had done in the past several seasons.

“Our local revenue increased from 2010 to 2011, driven largely by a 12 percent increase in sponsorship revenue.  That percentage increase is one of the highest in the League.  We are on track to have significant growth in local revenue in 2012.  The sales and marketing departments deserve credit for this strong performance, which was accomplished without any increase in ticket prices. Credit also goes to the many local and some national companies who join us as partners and sponsors.”

I know this is bragging, and we’re patting ourselves on the back. But, listening to Dick made me prouder to be a Raven, and now, hopefully, you feel better about us, too.

By the way, Cass is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Princeton who moved on to Yale to earn a law degree. Some of us like to rib Dick that he works for the “C” student from Salisbury University, owner Steve Bisciotti. Steve is proud of his academic background – he once owned a boat named “Sea Student.”

Talk with you next week.


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