Late For Work 7/10: Reed Unhappy With Media Coverage Of Tweets

Anonymous rival coach analyzes offense. Birk defends Flacco. Pitta and Dickson’s roles.

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Reed Unhappy With Media Coverage Of Tweets

Ed Reed sent out a peculiar tweet Saturday night that was picked up and scrutinized by several outlets (including my Late For Work blog yesterday) and radio talk shows.

The tweet said he was enjoying his time at home with his son and finished with, “Tell the bosses I’m comfortable!”

Many assumed Reed was sending a message to the Ravens, perhaps even implying he may not attend training camp without a new deal.

While the future Hall of Famer didn’t comment specifically on the meaning behind his tweet, he did take to Twitter again to express his displeasure of the media’s coverage.

“We tweet about our camps with kids throughout offseason why That never makes espn, etc… This probably won’t get a RT,” he wrote. “Build people up, not tear them down.”

He added: “Players that have2be smart business men, in a business that don’t care an inch about them though we grind for that inch- [not always right but real].”

Reed then retweeted a follower’s sentiment, saying the media only picks out the negative and hunts for controversy.

Perhaps Reed and his tweep have a point – the media have sometimes shown a tendency to give more coverage to controversy than positive news. (This is probably a good time to mention again that Reed’s youth football camp is July 16 and 17 at Stevenson University. Register now.) And the media might argue that they cover what their readers consume.

But attempting to censor the media for covering this ongoing, high-profile story probably isn’t going to help, says’s Dan Hanzus.

“If Reed wants to hold out – or hint that a holdout is in the offing – that’s his right,” wrote Hanzus. “But criticizing the media for covering his game of chicken with the Ravens is a pointless endeavor.

“Reed talks of being a businessman, but this is part of the business, too.”

Meanwhile, other media have encouraged Reed to use his leverage while he can – especially now that Terrell Suggs could miss a chunk of the season – to try to get the contract he feels he deserves.

“This could be Reed’s last chance to get paid, and with the Ravens hoping to push through to the Super Bowl without Suggs for all or a big part of the season, not having Reed would hurt more this year than it ever would have hurt before,” wrote’s Mike Florio.

“So use your leverage, Ed.  You may never have it again.”

Anonymous Rival Coach: Flacco Can’t Win By Himself

Sports Illustrated has an interesting feature called “Enemy Lines” where an anonymous rival coach gives his analysis of an opponents’ offense to fantasy gurus.

The rival’s take on the Ravens offense was mostly positive, except for newly signed receiver Jacoby Jones and – you guessed it – quarterback Joe Flacco.

The coach said that Jones is only a return guy and you can’t expect much from him on offense, and Flacco needs a productive running game to be successful through the air.

“Quarterback Joe Flacco regressed last year, and I think part of that was because the defensive pressure got to him,” the coach wrote. “He’s not a player who can just drop back and beat you with his arm; he needs a successful running game to open things up. I would be shocked if he had a breakthrough season.”

However, the rival does expect Torrey Smith to breakout.

“That dude is fast,” he said. “He ran by us a few times. He doesn’t have many routes in his tree, but he’ll be a more polished receiver now that he’s had a full off-season.”

The enemy coach likes the tight end duo of Ed Dickson and Dennis Pitta, adding that he likes the faster Dickson better. He is also enamored with Ray Rice, but said Ravens coaches will probably try to limit the pounding he takes this year by giving more snaps to Anthony Allen or rookie Bernard Pierce.

“And watch out for Pierce. He has a future in this league.”

Any guesses on who the anonymous coach is?

Birk: Flacco Doesn’t Get Benefit Of Doubt

As was showcased by the rival coach’s take above on the Ravens offense, Flacco gets dumped on frequently.

Perhaps it’s simply because of the presence of such a successful running game led by Rice, says center Matt Birk.

“Certain guys don’t get the benefit of the doubt,” Birk said of Flacco recently on WNST. “He’s shown in big spots that he’s come through most of the time and he can play. Our game plan isn’t designed to have Joe Flacco throw 450 yards every game to help us win. That’s not our style of football. I guess that’s not the cool, hip way to play football in the NFL these days.”

Flacco was rated by ESPN’s Ron Jaworski as the ninth-best quarterback in the league and NFL players rated him the 74th-best overall player in 2011.

Hanzus wrote for that the criticism Flacco receives is “predictable” for a quarterback on a high-profile team.

Birk is right that Flacco doesn’t get the benefit of the doubt from the public,” Hanzus wrote. “It’s just not unique or especially fair. We’d say that’s true of any veteran quarterback who hasn’t won a Super Bowl.”

Quick Hits

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  • “It wouldn’t surprise me if Kelechi Osemele (second round) is starting at guard before long,” wrote ESPN’s Mel Kiper. “He played tackle in college, but I’ve always said he’d be better inside; I think the Ravens feel the same way.” [ESPN]
  • mattvensel: I’ve been thinking a lot of about Dennis Pitta recently. (I know that sounds creepy.) I think he could have a breakout season in 2012. He’s no Gronk and he’s no Aaron Hernandez, but he [possesses] a good mix of both their qualities. He could become Flacco’s go-to guy on 3rd down. Ed Dickson will have a role, too, of course. We might see a lot of that Diesel package this year, especially if Jacoby Jones isn’t a fit. [Twitter]
  • GinoGrad56: Felt great to be back at UD today. Got a great workout in and got to speak to the kids at @UDCoachKeeler ‘s youth camp [Twitter]
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