The Caw: Baltimore Is For (Dog) Lovers

Torrey Smith, Brendon Ayanbadejo, Morgan Cox and Terrence Cody are pooch lovers.

Posted by Ryan Mink on Saturday, June 23rd, 2012 at 9:18 am | Categories: Ryan Mink, The Caw

The connection between NFL players and dogs has a bad rap these days.

But with the Ravens there is a strong positive link.

Let’s just say Baltimore is for (Dog) Lovers.

Wide receiver Torrey Smith, linebacker Brendon Ayanbadejo, long snapper Morgan Cox, nose tackle Terrence Cody and more Ravens love posting online about their pooches and bringing them around during slow times like this while we all await training camp.

Smith and Ayanbadejo are part of an advertising campaign with the City of Baltimore targeted against animal abusers.

The “Show Your Soft Side” campaign features “tough, strong athletes, who want to convince kids in a city where youngsters have recently been charged with burning, beating and stoning animals, that real men love cats and dogs — they don’t hurt them.”

The ad (which Torrey has as his Twitter avatar) is a picture of the wideout posing with his pit bull, Prince. It reads, “Forget about catching Torrey Smith unless you’ve got four legs and answer to the name Prince.”

Ayanbadejo is with his French bulldog, Buster. It reads, “Buster may be the only guy alive who actually enjoys being tackled by Brendon Ayanbadejo.”

Torrey Smith Dog Ad Brendon Ayanbadejo Dog Ad

Ayanbadejo, who breeds dogs and has even sold some locally, and Smith both tweeted about their canine friends on Monday.

Me & Bust riding dirty!! @ bayview park,” Ayanbadejo said.

Why is he allowing her to hold him like that haha,” Smith tweeted, including a picture of a girl holding Buster.

Cox and his new wife adopted a black lab puppy, Crosby, and went as far as getting a professional photographer to take pictures with the new family member. (Beware, these are insanely cute and will likely zap an hour from your day.)

Cody owns his own dog kennel, Mt. Cody Kennel, where they train all breeds. The website looks like a work in progress, but you can check it out here. He also brings his dogs into the Under Armour Performance Center occasionally.

Other players have brought their dogs around and let them run around on the back fields too, including Paul Kruger and Bryan Hall.

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