Late For Work 6/18: Bryant McKinnie Further Explains Why He Didn’t Practice

Baby Flacco has parody Twitter account. Upshaw really ahead of Suggs his rookie year?

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McKinnie Further Explains Why He Didn’t Practice

There’s no reason to read too deeply into Bryant McKinnie being held from full team minicamp practice last week for conditioning reasons, Head Coach John Harbaugh explained last Thursday.

McKinnie told radio listeners essentially the same thing Friday.

“Sometimes it can be worded different and interpreted differently by people,” McKinnie told WNST host Glenn Clark.

The 32-year-old veteran explained that the Ravens would like to see him play at about 345 pounds – which is close to his college size. He appears to be well on his way.

McKinnie revealed that he left minicamp at 354 pounds, so he only has nine more to lose before training camp begins in late-July. He told our own Ryan Mink in May that he weighed 365, so he’s lost about 11 pounds in six weeks.

And the reason he didn’t practice with the team last week?

“They just told me when I had the meeting, just for precautionary [reasons], not to go out there and get injured during minicamp and just do the running and the lifting and stuff,” McKinnie said. “So I was just in there, lifting and running for the whole two and half hours.

“…And then at the same time still getting the conditioning and everything together. We’re just trying to work to get there without anything slipping up or going wrong.”

The 2009 Pro Bowler said he is doing less lifting because it bulks him up, so he has primarily focused on cardio and running. Looking at his current pace and the progress made so far, McKinnie isn’t concerned about reaching his goal by the start of training camp.

“They just want me to be where I was when I was at Minnesota and get back to that Pro Bowl level. So that’s what I got to do,” he said.

With his weight under control, plus a full season in the Ravens’ offensive system, McKinnie wants to turn his attention to mentoring the younger players on the team.

He also wants to develop chemistry with guards Bobbie Williams and Kelechi Osemele – the two favorites to win the left guard spot vacated by Ben Grubbs – so that he will be ready to play next to either one throughout the season.

“Everybody needs to prepare as if they’re going to be the starter,” he said. “So that even if there is some type of rotation between those two, there is never going to be a drop off.”

Baby Flacco Has Parody Twitter Account

Baby Stephen has quite the sense of humor.

Or at least the unknown individual with too much time on his or her hands, and is doubling as baby Flacco, has quite the sense of humor.

The @BabyFlacco parody Twitter account, which has already garnered 566 followers in four days, is good for a couple of chuckles.

@BabyFlacco: “Waiting on my folks to release a pic of me. I DO NOT have a unibrow so I don’t know what the hold up is.”

@BabyFlacco: “Tom Brady sent me a pair of baby Uggs. Thanks, but no thanks.”

There are more. If you’re interested, check ‘em out.

By the way, did you know that if Joe Flacco has a bad season, the person to blame is little innocent Stephen?

This is according to a “lunatic” fan that approached The Baltimore Sun’s Kevin Cowherd at the convenience store the other day.

“Joe Flacco is absolutely going to stink this year. You can take that to the bank,” the said fan explained. “You watch, now that he’s a new dad, Flacco’s game will go straight downhill.”


Upshaw Really Ahead Of Suggs His Rookie Year?

With his injured Achilles tendon, Terrell Suggs hasn’t had the opportunity to practice next to rookie outside linebacker Courtney Upshaw.

But Suggs has seen the film and he likes what he sees.

“He’s ahead of where I was when I came in my rookie year,” Suggs told reporters. “I’ve got 100 percent confidence in the kid.”

Hold on.  Suggs was the Defensive Rookie of the Year in 2003, and led the Ravens with a franchise rookie record 12 sacks. Is there a little hyperbole in his compliment?

At this point, EPSN’s Jamison Hensley doesn’t think so, considering the role Upshaw is preparing for.

Suggs is right about Upshaw, who is scheduled to start as a rookie,” the blogger wrote. “Even though Suggs was the NFL’s Defensive Rookie of the Year in 2003, he was a pass-rush specialist and didn’t play on the team’s base defense.”

Ngata One Of AFC’s Most Versatile Players

Defensive tackle Haloti Ngata, who Steve Bisciotti believes could be the Defensive Player of the Year this season, is one of the most versatile players in the AFC, says ESPN’s Gary Horton.

“For a big man, he has surprising athletic ability and movement skills,” Horton wrote. “He plays defensive end in their base 3-4 defense, although he can occasionally line up at nose tackle, and he slides to DT in their 4-3 nickel package on passing downs.

“What is really surprising is that he can occasionally line up wide to get a better matchup in space, and he can even drop into coverage on those zone blitzes that the Ravens like to run. He also has the ability to line up as a blocking FB in a goal-line situation on rare occasions.”

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