The Caw: Terrence Cody Is The New Jokester

A Marvel comics fan, Terrence Cody is picking up the comedy slack for Terrell Suggs.

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Terrence Cody has about 20 pairs of comic book shorts to go with his 10 superhero hats.

And he’ll wear them on any occasion.


“He’s got kindergardener swag,” says good friend and Ravens defensive tackle Bryan Hall.

“He might come in with Scooby Doo shorts on, a Charlie Brown shirt and a Superman hat. All I can say is he’s a unique individual.”

With Terrell Suggs suffering an Achilles injury that could keep him out of commission for a while, there’s more to filling in for him than finding somebody to sack the quarterback and stuff the run.

There’s also an opening for the Ravens’ top comedian. It’s a task Cody takes seriously.

“It’s different not having Sizzle out there and Ray Lewis, because Sizzle, especially, kept us laughing and kept us loose,” Cody told reporters during the first OTAs.

“But right now, we are trying to keep that going. It’s working. We have me, Bryan Hall and Jameel [McClain]. We are out there trying to keep the defense loose, so everybody can have fun and fly around.”

Believe it or not, Cody was reserved as a rookie, often keeping close to his locker and not saying much.

He started showing more character when he got more playing time at the end of his rookie year (he felt better about his role). He completely came out of his shell at the start of last season after losing 65 pounds (he feels better about his body).

Now Cody’s constantly up, bouncing around the locker room, constantly jabbering and laughing.

One of his favorite subjects is Marvel comics.

He said he hasn’t been to a comic book convention yet, but probably will when his football days are over – or if one comes to Baltimore. Among his many tattoos are one of Spawn and another of his favorite character, the Incredible Hulk.

I asked Cody for his favorite three comic book characters:

“The Hulk is No. 1,” he said without hesitation. “Then comes Batman. I’m struggling between Thor or Captain America. Captain America is America’s hero. Thor, he’s a god. It’s a tie between them. They’re both bada**es.”

So why the Hulk?

“The Hulk is big, strong. He don’t care, he just wants to tear up things. That’s my mindset.”

The day after talking to Cody about his comics collection, I walked down to the cafeteria for breakfast, which is generally a quiet scene with just some SportsCenter in the background. This time, I was met by thumping rap music.

I looked down the hall to see none other than Cody – dressed in a red winter vest, cartoon shorts and Crocs – strolling down the hallway with an old-school boom box. The other players in the cafeteria simply shook their heads and laughed. Typical T.C.

“I don’t like to be around people that are stuck up and always serious,” Cody said. “I like to have fun. Playing in the NFL, you have to have fun because it’s a tough job.”

Outside linebacker Paul Kruger called Cody the new Kelly Gregg. “He’s funny as hell, keeps everyone on their toes. He loves life.”

Safety Bernard Pollard is reminded of someone else: Suggs.

“He’s like Suggs in that he will literally look at you and whatever comes into his brain comes out of his mouth. He just won’t think about it. But that’s good for him because he’s a great guy and he’s a huge piece of this puzzle for this team.”

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