The Caw: The Hottest Locker Room Debate

The NBA playoffs has the players juiced up and debating. Plus the Ravens’ starting five.

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Alma mater arguments are always popular within the Ravens’ locker room.

I even once heard defensive tackle Bryan Hall and cornerback Jimmy Smith get into an animated, lengthy dispute about who would win a fight between a real-life red wolf (Arkansas State’s mascot) and a buffalo (Colorado’s mascot).

But this time of year, there’s a different debate raging. With the playoffs in full swing, all smack talk seems to lead back to the NBA.

The looker room is mostly full of Lakers fans. Ed Dickson (a California native) is perhaps the biggest, followed by D.J. Berry, Ramon Harewood, Ma’aake Kemoeatu and Lardarius Webb. Essentially, they’re all a bunch of Kobe Bryant lovers.

But since the Lakers are sitting at home right now, the bulk of the chatter has been between fans of the Miami Heat and Boston Celtics, considering they’re in the Eastern Conference finals.

Terrell Suggs is an avid LeBron James fan, as is new locker room addition Jacoby Jones, who made sure I referenced King James as “LEEEEEbron!”

Jacoby Jones Balling

On the other side is Michael Oher (a longtime Kevin Garnett supporter), Hall and Ravens Media Relations Director Chad Steele, who is often at the center of the chatter considering he played basketball at Winthrop and thus often challenges the players on their basketball IQ.

The Celtics are down, 2-0, and they’re hearing about it.

“Bryan Hall is mad cause Boston ain’t going to make it,” said Berry, stirring up trouble. “He’s mad cause he’s got an old team and [Rajon] Rondo can’t cut it.”

When the players can’t settle who the best NBA team is, the conversation shifts to which Raven is the best basketball player.

After talking to several reliable sources, the starting five would be LaQuan Williams, Anquan Boldin, Tyrod Taylor, Jones and Oher.

Torrey Smith Dunk

Williams played at Poly in Baltimore, averaging about 28 points as a senior and got college scholarship offers. He thought he was going to be a basketball player until his high school football coach encouraged him to stick with the pigskin.

“I was the one who was going to dunk on you or shoot a three-pointer,” Williams said with a laugh. “Nothing in between.”

Boldin brings his physical football style to the court. Taylor is one of the team’s top overall athletes. Oher took exception to the idea that Williams was the best player.

“I outshot LaQuan in the gym. Best out of 10 shots,” he said.

“And, obviously, if I can shoot I can do other things. I’ve got an all-around basketball game. I’m a fundamental guy. That’s why I like guys like Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett. I know how to dribble – none of this between the legs stuff. Put the ball in the hole.”

Jones played two years of college basketball at Lane, so he naturally thinks he’s top dog. He was the sixth man his sophomore year and a starter as a junior. He said he was a run-and-gun slashing guard who claims he “dunked on whomever.”

Jones has an open basketball challenge to the rest of his new teammates.

“I told them, ‘Whenever they’re ready, we’ll see what’s going on,’” Jones said with a grin.

The war of the words rages on…

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