Marshal Yanda: Offense Has Tools To Be No. 1

Pro Bowl right guard Marshal Yanda says the Ravens just have to be more consistent.

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Marshal Yanda isn’t a guy that usually offers bold predictions or big talk.

The Pro Bowl right guard simply appreciates a hard day’s work and goes about it without much hoopla.

So what Yanda said during the Ravens’ first OTAs was uncharacteristically strong.

“I think we’ve flashed tools to be the No. 1 offense,” he said.

“I think the sky is the limit for us. With Ray [Rice] and Joe [Flacco] … We just continue to keep getting better every year, and we flashed some really good things last year.”

Over the past four seasons with Head Coach John Harbaugh, Offensive Coordinator Cam Cameron, Flacco and Rice, the offense has ranked 18th, 13th, 22nd and 15th, respectively, in the NFL in average yards per game.

They averaged 338.7 yards per game last year, while the league-leading New Orleans Saints blew everyone away with 467.1 yards per game. Only three teams (the Saints, Patriots and Packers) averaged more than 400 yards per game.

The issue with the Ravens offense, in Yanda’s eyes, was that it ran hot and cold.

In Baltimore’s 12 regular-season wins, it averaged 26.4 points. But in four losses to Tennessee, Jacksonville, Seattle and San Diego, the Ravens averaged just 12.7 points.

“We just need to be more consistent,” Yanda said. “We could run the ball, Joe could pass the ball, [but] we’ve just got to put it together. And we’ve got the tools, which is great.”

Baltimore had four members of the offense go to the Pro Bowl last year, the most in franchise history.

One member, left guard Ben Grubbs, departed via free agency, but two of the Ravens’ young offensive leaders – Flacco and wide receiver Torrey Smith – could be future contenders.

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