John Harbaugh’s Memorial Day Statement

Head Coach John Harbaugh has a close relationship with the military.

Posted by Ryan Mink on Monday, May 28th, 2012 at 10:26 am | Categories: 2012 Offseason, Ryan Mink

John Harbaugh’s statement on Memorial Day Weekend and honoring our troops:

troops“All of life is a battle. We fight within ourselves to do the right thing and our servicemen bravely and selflessly fight the enemies outside. They rush to serve and protect, without a moment’s hesitation, nor concern for their own safety. Not only do they not think of what they have to gain, they don’t give a second thought to what they have to lose. Their service embodies human nature’s finest quality – sacrifice for your fellow person .That is why we were put on the Earth, to think more of others than we do for ourselves.

“Proportional to their level of service is the level of gratitude we all feel for what they do, but most importantly, who they are. They remind us that our finest moment is always just upon us, and their courage illuminates the path that we all aspire to follow.

“On those occasions when the Ravens have been in the presence of our servicemen and servicewomen, we are the ones who leave with a gift. We leave having been keenly reminded of how the brightness of our finest moments in life are a reflection of the depth and enduring resiliency of our bonds to each other and commitment to putting the needs of others above our own, regardless of the cost.”

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