Domonique Foxworth Moving On From Football

Former Ravens CB and NFLPA President Domonique Foxworth wants to go to business school.

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As NFLPA President, Domonique Foxworth is focusing on helping players make the transition from playing the game to civilian life.

It appears as though Foxworth is making that transition himself.

The former Ravens cornerback did an interview with Double Coverage, an England-based American Football website and said he’s all but made the decision to hang up his cleats.

“I’ve probably made the decision that I’m going to move forward and stop playing football,” Foxworth said in the interview posted Thursday.

“I was fortunate enough to have a pretty good career. And a few months ago I started applying to business schools. Rather than playing while being president, which is the normal kind of course, I think I’ll be a student while being president. There will be a few different challenges that I wouldn’t normally have, but at least I won’t wake up Monday morning feeling like hell.”

If Foxworth’s career is over, it had a difficult ending. A knee injury ended his run early.

Foxworth, 29, has played six years in the NFL, starting with the Denver Broncos, then Atlanta and finally Baltimore. The University of Maryland product’s best year was in 2009 with the Ravens, in which he started all 16 games, made 53 tackles and four interceptions.

The knee injury suffered on the eve of training camp forced Foxworth to have an ACL repair and kept him out the entire season.

He tried to make a return to the field after being a major factor in helping end the lockout last offseason, but struggled to fully physically rebound, and was placed on injured reserve after two games.

The Ravens terminated Foxworth’s contract on March 5, making him a free agent. Foxworth hasn’t signed elsewhere, and also revealed that he had offseason hip surgery.

“It was much better than the knee surgery,” Foxworth said. “I had an ACL repair a couple years ago that was very, very difficult to recover from. But this was no problem.”

Foxworth was elected NFLPA president on March 25, and has been busy trying to push for different player initiatives around hot-button issues including player safety and post-career transition.

He said he’s been working on a Life Cycle program for about a year that he is hoping to institute soon.

“It’s a real comprehensive program that accounts for guys coming into the league, their life while they’re in the league and a real solid transition, career-wise and health-wise, as they leave the league,” Foxworth said.

“They’ve been playing, some since as young as eight years old. Once you take that away from them, sometimes it’s hard to transition into a new career, or just to transition into life without football.”

If there’s any player that should have a smooth transition, it’s the very mentally sharp Foxworth. He graduated from Maryland in three-and-a-half years with an American Studies degree. Foxworth also recently spoke to the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

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