Terrell Suggs Expects To Play In 2012

Terrell Suggs tells reporters that he should be back by November at the latest.

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Don’t count Terrell Suggs out.

The Ravens outside linebacker has told multiple media outlets that he expects to play in 2012.

Suggs told The Baltimore Sun that he’s seen two doctors already and that one told him it’s a partial tear and the other said it’s a full tear.

The Ravens have confirmed that Suggs will see a doctor early next week, and only then will they know the full extent of his injury.

“At the minimum, I’ll be back in October, and at the maximum, most definitely back in November,” Suggs said.

If true, Suggs would miss anywhere from four to seven games. The Ravens play the Browns on Nov. 4 (Week 9) following the bye. They don’t face the Pittsburgh Steelers for the first time until Nov. 18.

“It’s amazing people are starting to write me off already, the entire season,” Suggs said. “It will take three or four months to heal.”

Suggs is also refuting reports that he got injured playing basketball.

“The injury did not occur while I was playing basketball,” he said. “Every year, we have that condition run and it kicks my butt. So, a couple of weeks ago, I started preparing for it. You build up, one week, two weeks, three weeks … and that’s how I got injured. I was doing the 40-yard cone shuffles.”

Suggs has played in all 16 games in all but one of his nine seasons. He suffered a knee injury in Cleveland in 2009. There were reports then that Suggs could miss the rest of the year, but he returned just three weeks later.

“Sometimes you have to go through something like this to make you better,” Suggs told ESPN. “[The reports] make it so much sweeter when I run out of that tunnel and prove everyone wrong.”

Suggs is coming off his best season, in which he was named the Defensive Player of the Year and recorded career highs in sacks (14), tackles (70) and forced fumbles (seven). He wanted to repeat as DPOY, but has larger goals in mind.

“I can’t get it done – win the Player of the Year – playing only nine games, but I can help us still win a Super Bowl, and that’s one hell of a consolation prize,” Suggs said.

Suggs took to Twitter to talk to his Baltimore fans directly Thursday afternoon.

“I know guys, I KNOW! #CharmCity #RavensNation I’m am SO SORRY. I consider myself to be a player of the people, and y’all know that there is nothing I love more than playing for you!” he said.

To all my loyal and true fans, know that everything the can and needs to be done, WILL BE DONE!!!!!! I WILL BE IN A RAVENS UNIFORM IN 2012!!”

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