2011 Trade Snafu Won’t Deter Ozzie Newsome

General Manager Ozzie Newsome will still make deadline deals despite Chicago’s error.

Posted by Ryan Mink on Sunday, April 22nd, 2012 at 12:37 pm | Categories: 2012 NFL Draft, Ryan Mink

The Ravens had a bit of a snafu with draft trading last year.

But that won’t deter General Manager Ozzie Newsome from making deadline trades this year.

“We think we can get [a trade] done with 30 or 35 seconds to go on the clock,” Newsome said. “We think we can still get it done.”

Newsome was attempting to move back three spots (from No. 26 to No. 29) and swap picks with the Chicago Bears last April.

The Ravens were calling in the trade, and the Bears told Newsome they were as well. However, the league said it never got confirmation of the trade from Chicago.

The confusion resulted in the clock running out on the Ravens, allowing Kansas City to leapfrog Baltimore. Newsome still got his man in cornerback Jimmy Smith, but the Ravens weren’t happy.

Chicago General Manager Jerry Angelo took the blame for the expired pick. He was relieved of his duties immediately after the season when Chicago failed to reach the playoffs for the fourth time in five years. Team President Ted Phillips didn’t get into specific reasoning for his dismissal at the time, but did say the botched trade “wasn’t one of our greatest moments.

Some general managers, such as San Diego’s A.J. Smith, won’t even get involved in last-minute trades. Newsome laughed, saying the league wishes all teams would take that approach.

But nothing has changed in the trade operation in this year’s draft from the league or Ravens’ side.

The process, according to Newsome, is to have the other team on the phone working out the details of the trade. Simultaneously, Vice President of Football Administration Pat Moriarty is on another line with the league to confirm the trade.

“It didn’t happen that way last year for whatever reason,” Newsome said.

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