Harbaughs Can Just Be Brothers Again

Notes from the NFC coaches at the owners meetings, including Andy Reid on John Harbaugh.

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San Francisco 49ers Head Coach Jim Harbaugh didn’t sense ease in the relationship between he and his brother after the Ravens’ 16-6 win at M&T Bank Stadium on Thanksgiving last year.

“I didn’t have a whole lot of relief after that. That was ugh!” Jim said, comically clenching his teeth in pain.

Four months later, and without the two teams scheduled to play each other in the 2012 season, the line of communication has opened back up, Jim says.

The only way the two brothers can face off is in the Super Bowl, and that’s not such a bad thought.

“I noticed that after we played each other there was more open communication than before we played each other,” Jim said. “I anticipate this year [will be the same].”

John and Jim have hung out at the owners meetings. They walked through the horde of reporters together on Monday morning, chatting after an NFL meeting.

They share a similar bad taste in their mouth from the end of last season.

Both brothers lost in horrific ways in their respective championship games. John’s was on a dropped touchdown pass and missed field goal in regulation. Jim’s was on a fumbled punt in overtime.

Jim said “the football gods” had a little different outcome for them than they had planned. Were the football gods against both Harbaughs that day?

“Same score. Same strange thing that happened,” Jim said before snapping back to the present.

“The Harbaughs are back to work. The Harbaughs are excited to be back to building our teams to see if we can’t get better, to get 1 mph faster today than we were yesterday.”

Reid-Harbaugh Building Their Tenures

Andy Reid is heading into his 14th season with the Philadelphia Eagles – making him the longest-tenured head coach in the league.

Harbaugh, who spent nine seasons with Reid in Philadelphia, is entering his fifth year and is the only head coach in the league to reach the playoffs four times straight.

Can Harbaugh match Reid’s tenure?

“That’s unpredictable in this league,” Reid said with a grin.

“But I sure think he’s done a fine job and he’ll continue to do that. He’s wired right and he’s got Ozzie [Newsome] who’s been stable in his position and done a good job there. He’s got an owner that he has a good relationship with. John is a relentless worker and a pretty smart guy on top of all that.”

Reid said he and Harbaugh still talk quite often, including during the season, and that he roots for him.

The feelings are mutual. Harbaugh joked that he wants to see 30 more years for Reid.

“I’m an Andy guy,” Harbaugh said. “I think Eagles fans are really going to look back on the Andy Reid era, whenever it ends, and they’re going to say, ‘That was a great run.’ If they win a championship in the next couple years, I’ll be very hopeful that it’s not against the Ravens in the Super Bowl.”

Did Giants Not Want To Face Ravens?

The New York Giants came extremely close to facing the Ravens instead of the New England Patriots in a rematch of Super Bowl XXXV.

It could have been a totally different game, as Baltimore had one of the best defenses in the league compared to New England with one of the lowest-ranked.

Giants Head Coach Tom Coughlan was asked whether he preferred not facing Baltimore.

“Hypotheticals I don’t deal with,” Coughlan said.

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