Reaction To No RG3 In AFC North

Ravens fans responded to the news of the Redskins’ aggressive trade up in the draft.

Posted by Ryan Mink on Monday, March 12th, 2012 at 1:07 pm | Categories: Ryan Mink

That’s right Ravens fans, there will almost certainly be no RG3 in the AFC North.

The Cleveland Browns missed out on the opportunity to take electrifying Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III when Washington made an aggressive move Friday night.

The Redskins traded three first-round picks (including their No. 6 this year), and one in the second round this April, to St. Louis to move up four spots to the second-overall selection.

That will leave the Redskins with their choice between Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck or Baylor’s Heisman Trophy winner, Robert Griffin III. The widespread assumption is the Colts will take Luck, leaving RG3 to Washington.

Cleveland was rumored to be a top candidate in the Griffin sweepstakes, especially considering it had two first-round picks this year to potentially offer.

Instead, the Browns will now be looking at staying with starter Colt McCoy, signing a free agent such as Matt Flynn or taking a different quarterback in the draft, perhaps Texas A&M’s Ryan Tannehill.

We asked our Twitter fans (@Ravens) how they felt about RG3 going to Washington instead of Cleveland. Here’s a top-10 list of comments:

@Ravenpiv: I personally don’t think RG 3 will be a factor in the NFL, but I prefer not playing twice a year

@daviddementieva: bored….having baylor star within division would be great. Cleveland isn’t in bad shape at qb, give mccoy protection first

@DannyRothwell: I’m relieved about that and happy for the skins too

@_Nucky: Personally I think it would be funny if the Browns gave up top 10 picks for the next 3 years for RG3

@RavenzFtW: Once again Cleveland will be at the bottom of the afc north. I think he was their only hope

@robbyrobbass: Happy & sad. I’m happy the Ravens don’t have 2 play him twice a year but sad 4 him Washington isn’t a winning team

@opistoleiro: fewer encounters with RG3 we have, the better. Guy’s a class player.

@Jim_Lahey_Jr: Disappointed. It would have been fun to watch RG3 running for his life against the Ravens, Steelers, and Bengals.

@RMullady: Feels good –McCoy, Flynn, anyone but RG3!

@ravenchief: we already have the toughest division in the league. He woulda just made it more fun. I’m a lil disappointed

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