Polian: 3 Ways Caldwell Helps Flacco

Former Indianapolis Colts Predsident Bill Polian is a big fan of Coach Jim Caldwell.

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Peyton Manning was already a gifted quarterback when he was drafted first overall in 1998.

But Manning wouldn’t have been the signal caller he is today without quarterbacks coach Jim Caldwell, says former Indianapolis Colts President Bill Polian.

And Polian envisions the Ravens’ new quarterbacks coach helping Flacco take the next step, just as he did with Manning in the early stages of his career.

“You can obviously tell I’m a big Jim Caldwell fan, and he will be of immense value to Joe,” said Polian, who worked with Caldwell for 10 years in Indianapolis. “I think he’ll help him immensely in a lot of areas.”



Bill Polian on Jim Caldwell

Polian named three specific areas:

1)      Fundamentals

“Jim Caldwell is a great fundamental teacher. Peyton Manning still does drills to this day that Jim worked with him on when he first came to Indianapolis. That will be a huge thing for Joe. Jim will be demanding in that regard, relative to fundamentals.”

2)      Game preparation

“Jim Caldwell is just a bear in preparing for the opposition and helping the quarterback prepare for what he’s going to face. Of course, he worked with probably the best of all time in Peyton Manning in terms of putting in effort and time. He’ll bring that experience to Joe.”

3)      Sounding board

“[Caldwell] is a tremendous support mechanism, a sounding board. He’s a guy that knows the demands of the position and can help Joe through the rough spots. It isn’t really a coach-player relationship; it’s a mentorship. They’re both into it together. Jim’s a great support system for any quarterback.”

Caldwell will be the fourth quarterbacks coach Flacco has had during his five years in the league. He was with Hue Jackson in 2008 and 2009, then Jim Zorn in 2010 and Offensive Coordinator Cam Cameron doubled as the quarterbacks coach last season.

Polian was fired by Colts Owner Jim Irsay after 15 years of being regarded as one of the league’s top talent evaluators. He is now a SiriusXM radio host.

He has watched Flacco’s development from afar.

“Joe’s gone through the development process in the National Football League and he’s now ready to take the next step,” Polian said. “He’s gone through all the learning curves of coming into the league and learning the game. Joe now can run the game on his own. He knows a lot about the ins and outs of it.”

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