Webb Believes Reed’s Coming Back

Safety Ed Reed, 33, did not speak to reporters Sunday night or Monday.

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Ravens safety Ed Reed has been to the playoffs six times in his 10 seasons.

He still hasn’t reached a Super Bowl.

After another tough-to-swallow playoff loss, and a season in which he played through a shoulder injury, fans are wondering whether Reed will be back next season.

The 33-year-old safety didn’t speak with reporters after the game and wasn’t at his locker during a cleanout on Monday morning.

But cornerback Lardarius Webb, who has been mentored by Reed, was confident fans will see No. 20 again.

“He’s coming back,” Webb said.

Webb was asked if Reed told him that specifically.

“No, I just know he’s coming back,” he replied.

Reed is entering the final year of a reported six-year contract signed in 2006.

Outside linebacker Terrell Suggs also suggested he thought the likely future Hall of Fame safety would return for another shot at the Lombardi Trophy.

“Now my Year Nine is over. I am going into Year 10,” Suggs said. “Ed Reed, Year 11. Ray Lewis, Year 27. [joking] That window of opportunity seems like it’s closing on us, so we’ve just got to come back and try to get it done next year.”

Reed played in all 16 regular-season games for the first time since 2008. He revealed late in the season that a shoulder injury was affecting him, but otherwise didn’t have any reported injuries. He did not mention any problems with his neck.

Reed’s interceptions fell from eight in 2010 to three this past season. He notched one pick against Houston in the playoffs.

After that divisional game, linebacker Ray Lewis, 36, was asked whether he talks with Reed about getting older.

“Everybody here has to appreciate that great warriors fight until the end,” Lewis said.

“When people talk about the age – [former Ravens safety] Rod Woodson, as great as he was, Rod Woodson won his first Super Bowl at 36 years old. That’s how long it can take for a legacy to be complete, but he completed it. No matter what people said, [like] ‘He couldn’t do it anymore.’ You don’t listen to those people. Those people are the ones you put up on your bulletin board.”

In March of 2011, Head Coach John Harbaugh said he talked to Reed and the safety said he felt he could play four or five more years.

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