Reed: We’re ‘Past It’ And Focused On Pats

Ed Reed and Joe Flacco pretended to get in an argument in front of reporters.

Posted by Garrett Downing on Thursday, January 19th, 2012 at 5:05 pm | Categories: Garrett Downing

Joe Flacco and Ed Reed walked out to practice Thursday afternoon and pretended to get into an argument in front of reporters and television cameras.

Making light of a perceived tiff that has made national headlines this week, the two playfully shouted back and forth at one another. The humorous exchange demonstrated that they are laughing off Reed’s comments from a radio interview where he said Flacco was “rattled” in the Houston game. 

After practice, Reed met with local reporters and spoke on a national conference call, emphasizing there is no division in the Ravens locker room as they get ready to face New England in the AFC championship.

“We’re past it,” Reed said. “We’re focused on the game at task now.

“We’re good, man. We’re honest with each other as a team. We’re not focused on that … We’re thinking about this game. What happened last game is last week.”

Reed said he and Flacco talked about the comments, which were made after the Ravens’ 20-13 win over Houston in the divisional round, but there was never a problem between them.

“We talked a little bit, but it’s no different than the talks we’ve had over the weeks,” Reed said. “I didn’t have to say much, he didn’t have to say much. We all know the goal.”

Flacco met with the media on Wednesday and said that Reed’s comments were “not really that big of a deal,” and Reed explained that in his interview he was talking about the need for the entire team to play better, not just Flacco or the offense.

“We were critical of ourselves in that game and that’s every teammate of mine, talking about the game that we watched on film. We weren’t satisfied with our effort,” Reed said.

“In every locker room you probably wouldn’t say things like that in the media because what’s said around here to ourselves probably shouldn’t be broadcast publicly because the public would never understand. Even fans in Baltimore would never understand.”

Reed also emphasized that the stir about his comments was a product of today’s media environment, and he reiterated that he has confidence in Flacco at quarterback.

“I know Joe is a smart quarterback,” Reed said. “He’s our quarterback, regardless of anything.”

Now, the Ravens are focused on putting the remarks behind them and placing all of the emphasis on taking down New England and advancing to the Super Bowl.

“It’s about the Ravens and New England playing football,” Reed said. “All of that other stuff is to the side, man. That was about the last game, it’s irrelevant. What are we doing right now? We’re getting ready for the Patriots.”

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