Late For Work 1/18: Wow. Never Cross Suggs When It Comes To Joe

World focused on 3 words: Reed, Flacco, rattled. The Globe jumping the gun? Suggs vs. Uggs.

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Wow. Never Cross Suggs When It Comes To Joe

Terrell Suggs has one message for all the naysayers.

Don’t. Count. Joe. Out.

There aren’t words to describe the power with which Suggs has in the video below when defending his “boy.” 

You get the feeling that the 6-foot-3, 260-pound linebacker could jump through the screen to knock some sense into Flacco’s critics, who are buzzing louder than ever after Flacco and Co. garnered just 227 total yards against the Houston Texans’ No. 2 ranked defense Sunday.

“I would never count Joe out. I would never count Joe out,” Suggs told ESPN’s First Take. “My quarterback can go out and beat anybody. My quarterback can go out and beat anybody. Anybody.”

Statistically speaking, Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers, Ben Roethlisberger, Matt Ryan and Philip Rivers are often times put on a higher pedestal than Flacco.

But Flacco continues to win games.

“My boy can go and play with the best of them,” Suggs said. “That’s why we’re in the position that we’re in. And a majority of the league is at home watching him play. My quarterback has been in the playoffs every year he has been in the league. Three of the four years my quarterback has won double-digit games. Every year he’s won playoff games. So, when it comes to comparisons, there’s not a lot of quarterbacks you can compare to my boy cause some quarterback still ain’t got they first playoff win yet, but my boy has been there every year.”

World Focused On Three Words: Reed, Flacco, Rattled

You’ve seen the headlines.

Ed Reed gave a 14-mintue interview to SIRIUS NFL Radio on Monday.


Ed Reed On Joe Flacco

And from those 14 minutes, the world is focused on three words: Reed, Flacco and rattled.

In a majority of the articles I’ve read, for whatever reason, writers excluded Reed’s powerful statements about his confidence in Flacco’s ability to match the production of New England’s offense.

When asked if Flacco and the offense can keep pace with Brady, Reed didn’t blink.

“Oh yeah, definitely,” he said. “Without a doubt.”

“I think Flacco can have a breakout game, especially after last week. I know he’s p.o.‘ed about what happened and his performance. He could feel a little rust coming off of a bye week and not going full speed as much. So I know he is definitely coming back to show himself off.”

But instead of focusing on that, headlines around the web are focusing on Reed’s analysis of the Ravens’ offensive production against the stout Texans’ defense.

Its analysis that Reed admits is “hearsay” and “you never know what somebody else is seeing.”

 Embedded is a snippet of Reeds remarks, provided by the NFL Network.

Boston Globe Jumping The Gun?

The Boston Globe’s Dan Shaughnessy is looking one game beyond the Ravens and the AFC championship, dreaming of a shot to exact revenge on the Giants for spoiling New England’s perfect season and beating them in Super Bowl XLII.

“The Patriots have to beat the Ravens. The Giants have to beat the 49ers. It’s destiny,” wrote Shaughnessy. “Four years after history was derailed in the Arizona desert, the Patriots are going to get another shot. Belichick and Tom Brady finally will have a chance for that elusive fourth ring and they get to do it against the same coach and quarterback who broke New England’s heart in February of 2008.”

But ESPN blogger Dan Graziano points out that Shaughnessy’s article may be “gun-jumping” because the Ravens are still standing in the way Pats’ way.

And Baltimore isn’t going to just roll over.

“I don’t know. I feel like I’m out on this limb by myself, but for all of Tom Brady’s considerable gifts, I think he and his fans are smoking the drapes if they think the Patriots are going to win three playoff games with that excuse for a defense,” wrote Graziano. “I feel almost certain that the Ravens, who know how to (a) win playoff games in Foxborough and (b) make a stop, will beat them this weekend. And while I have no idea at this point how to pick the NFC Championship Game, I think whoever wins it will and should be the favorite to win the Super Bowl.

“I don’t think it’ll matter, though. As much as New England might want to see a Super Bowl XLII rematch, if the Giants do manage to win Sunday I think we’re a lot more likely to see a rematch of Super Bowl XXXV — the one for which the Giants’ fans will want revenge.”

Suggs vs. Uggs

Baltimore Native Josh Charles – and perhaps Hollywood’s biggest Ravens fan – has given the Patriots-Ravens game an unofficial title.

Suggs vs. Uggs.

Uggs refers to Tom Brady, who promotes the popular shoes Uggs.

Charles, who stars in “The Good Wife” on CBS, tweeted that title minutes after the AFC championship matchup was set.

Brady was asked about Suggs vs. Uggs on his WEEI radio appearance, per ESPN’s Jamison Henlsey, and said, laughing, “Maybe I’ll send him a few pairs to soften him up before the game.”

Quick Hits

  • Peter Schmuck is calling for one more impact game from Suggs. [The Baltimore Sun]
  • Check out this video detailing how Suggs stepped up to lead the defense when Ray Lewis went down for four games with a toe injury. [ Network]
  • Bill Belichick’s take on Flacco: “They’ve won a lot of games, and I think that’s the big thing. A quarterback has to do what his team needs him to do to win, and Joe has done that. I don’t know how to improve much on 11-5 and 12-4, and they just keep doing it.”
  • Jack Harbaugh said he hasn’t thought about the possibility of his sons coaching against each other in the Super Bowl. [ESPN]
  • Baltimore’s chances of upsetting the top-seeded Patriots in the AFC championship game is projected at a solid 40.7 percent, according to the numberFire crew. That means it wouldn’t be a surprise if the Ravens advanced to the Super Bowl based on how the computer sees the teams. [ESPN]
  • Battle of the elite … the Patriots’ top-ranked offense will face the Ravens’ top-ranked defense Sunday. Which team will prevail? Cris Collinsworth joins Charles Davis and Steve Mariucci to discuss. [NFL Network]
  • A good debate about the major talking points heading into this weekend’s AFC showdown: the answer for Wes Welker, why the Ravens are prepared for the Pats’ two tight ends and slowing Brady. [ESPN]

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