Late For Work 1/4: Suggs To Skip: Why Don’t You Like My QB? His ‘Stache?

DeCosta could be enticed to bolt, T. Smith named to all-rookie offensive team, rankings.

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Suggs vs. Skip Round III

The two entertainers are at it again.

The loquacious Terrell Suggs and the outlandish Skip Bayless met for Round III (checkout Round I and Round II) of their running debate on ESPN’s First Take.

Here are some of the highlights (some from the YouTube video below, and some from my DVR).

Why Don’t You Like My QB? His ‘Stache?

Skip sure like his “heart of hearts” questions. He pulled one out again Tuesday, for which Sizzle had a zinger in reply.

“In your heart of hearts would you rather have Tim Tebow or Joe Flacco?” asked Bayless.

“Are you kidding me?” Suggs replied. “Why don’t you like my quarterback, Skip? Is it his mustache? Is it his eyebrows? Is it because Tim Tebow is prettier? I understand you have your man crush, but you can’t force that on the rest of us.”

Skip said that it was Suggs who had a man crush on Flacco, who for the fourth consecutive year has led the Ravens to a playoff berth. Skip has historically been critical of the fourth-year quarterback, who finished the 2011 season with 3,610 passing yards, 20 touchdowns and 12 interceptions.

While denying any man crush, once again, Suggs defended his quarterback.

“We have a quarterback that fits our system,” Suggs said. “I love the kid. He plays football. He’s my quarterback, I love him. I stand by him, I love him on the sideline with the ice in his veins and I just feel awesome about him.”

Suggs A Better QB Than Tebow?

Even though the Broncos clinched the AFC’s No. 4 seed, Suggs believes Denver didn’t “win” the AFC West. Instead, he says Oakland lost it and that God saved Tebow.

“Skip, [Tebow] finished 8-8. That’s .500. You know what we call that?” Suggs asked. “That’s mediocrity.”

Suggs added, “Let’s be honest, Skip. I could put up those numbers [he put up].”

Bayless asked, “You’re saying you’re a better quarterback than Tebow?”

“Give me a shot,” said Suggs. “Let’s see we can do, create my own offense, hopefully my kicker can nail a 62-yarder, bail me out a few times. Jesus shows up …”

Suggs Won’t Take Bait

A large part of the interview included Bayless’ repeated attempts to bait Suggs into saying he guarantees the Ravens will beat the Steelers for the third time, will beat the Patriots in the playoffs again, and will win the Super Bowl.

Suggs said that the Ravens plan on beating anyone that comes their way because their goal is to win it all.

Bayless accused Suggs of being afraid of the Steelers and ducking the question.

“I’m not ducking anything,” said Suggs. “[The Steelers] have to win this week [to even play the Ravens].

“Do I look like I’m afraid of those guys? In your heart of hearts, do you think I’m afraid of those guys?”

Other One-Liners

  • At one point Bayless mispronounced Suggs’ first name. He accented the first syllable, pronouncing it the way you would pronounce Terrell Owens’ name. Suggs stopped Bayless saying, “TER-rell? Who’s TER-rell? My name is Ter-RELL, first of all. Or you can call me ‘Sizzle.’”
  • To open up the show, Bayless started to take a jab at the Ravens, but Suggs interrupted and said, “I’m sorry it’s hard to hear you from this second seed.”
  • Bayless finally got in his jab, saying the Ravens gave the No. 1 seed to the Patriots. Suggs had a quick reply for that, referencing an instant-classic Saturday Night Live skit: “They got the nephew of God [Tom Brady]…  I think we’re still sitting pretty. We alright.”
  • Suggs to Skip: “My daughter can do your job. My daughter is 4 years old. You all can do the same job.”
  • Skip actually gave Suggs a compliment near the end of the interview, saying the outside linebacker “should be running away” with the Defensive Player of the Year award.

DeCosta Could Be Enticed To Bolt

With several general manager firings occurring across the NFL this week, it isn’t surprising that Ravens Director of Player Personnel Eric DeCosta’s name has come up.

He’s been on many franchises’ radar in the past as a potential general manager candidate, but DeCosta has said he’d like to stay in Baltimore. He could eventually replace Ozzie Newsome when he retires.

But this year, DeCosta “could be enticed to bolt” reports NFL Network’s Albert Breer.

Breer says the GM opening in Chicago and Indianapolis are two places DeCosta would consider.

“DeCosta has been identified by Ravens Owner Steve Bisciotti as Newsome’s eventual successor, and he has been taken care of contractually to keep him on board,” wrote Breer. “In addition, DeCosta’s wife is a Maryland native, and his young family is entrenched in the area.

“Landing DeCosta, who joined the organization in its first year in Baltimore, would be considered a coup for a team like Chicago, since he has turned down numerous opportunities over the years.”

Week 17 Power Rankings

The Ravens stayed put in all rankings except one – Fox Sports analyst and former Ravens coach Brian Billick’s.

He bumped the Ravens up three spots from No. 5 to 2, with only the New Orleans Saints ahead.

Below is the Week 17 list, with this week’s and last week’s rankings in parentheses: (5/5): “The Ravens were an impressive 6-0 in a tough AFC North.”’s Peter King (6/6): “First home playoff game of the Harbaugh Era 13 days from now, and if Cincinnati can beat T.J. Yates and the Steelers can handle Tim Tebow, you’ll never guess who will march into Baltimore for the game. Clue: Uniforms are black and gold.”’s Pete Prisco (5/5): “They locked up the second seed, and they will be really tough to beat at home. Their first opponent could be the Steelers. How much fun would that be?”’s Brian Billick (2/5): “When compiling the Power Rankings, it often comes down to determining who has the best quarterback. That is not the case with the Ravens, as Joe Flacco is, obviously, not the second-best quarterback in the field. But he does have the support of a fantastic defense and an explosive rushing attack. Offensively, Ray Rice is a difference-maker and should get at least 25 touches per game. Pass rusher Terrell Suggs was, arguably, the most dominant defender in all of football this season. Although they are getting up there in age, Ray Lewis and Ed Reed’s experience will carry this defense through the postseason.”’s Elliot Harrison (5/5): “If Cam Cameron leans on the run game in the manner he did last Sunday in Cincy, this club can beat the Pats in the AFC. The Ravens can beat anyone, including the Packers. Still, they are the least likely of the top five teams to do it because A) the corners can be had (see: Week 15 in San Diego); and B) Joe Flacco’s game hasn’t progressed, though he was a very efficient 15 of 19 for 130 yards against the Bengals. Can Flacco ratchet it up should the Ravens get involved in a 30-27 contest? Of course, you can ask the same question of Alex Smith and the Niners, but their defense allowed 37 fewer points than the Ravens in ’11. Either way, both of these defensive-minded teams are talented enough to make hay in the playoffs.”

Boldin Looks ‘Terrific’

Just 10 days after having surgery to repair a slight tear in his meniscus tendon (knee), Boldin showcased his repaired knee before the game in Cincinnati Sunday, where WBAL’s Gerry Sandusky could get a glimpse.

“Another medical miracle in the NFL,” Sandusky told the NFL Network. “I had the chance to watch Anquan running on the field Sunday … and he looked terrific.

“He had a lot of spring in his step and he looked like he was going to be pretty explosive.”

Head Coach John Harbaugh said Boldin could have been ready for the wild-card round of the playoffs, but with the first-round bye, Boldin will have a total of three weeks to rest.

“You add an explosive Anquan Boldin back into that passing game to complement Ray Rice and the running game … that’s a pretty nice thing to have for the second round of the playoffs,” concluded Sandusky.

Quick Hits

  • Receiver Torrey Smith was named to Greg Gabriels all-rookie offensive team with the Falcons’ Julio Jones and the Bengals’ A.J. Green. [National Football Post]
  • John Harbaugh may have opened the door for special-teams coordinators. []
  • In Jamison’s Hensley’s AFC North post-season awards, Ray Rice won Most Valuable Player, Chuck Pagano won Coordinator of the Year and Terrell Suggs won Defensive Player of the Year. [ESPN]
  • Ranking the 12 quarterbacks in the NFL playoffs [The Baltimore Sun]

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