Now Here Comes The ‘Pagano Bowl’

Ravens Defensive Coordinator Chuck Pagano’s brother coaches for the Chargers.

Posted by Garrett Downing on Saturday, December 17th, 2011 at 11:32 am | Categories: Garrett Downing

It lacks some of the hoopla that surrounded the Ravens-49ers Thanksgiving Day “Harbaugh Bowl,” but this weekend’s matchup between Baltimore and San Diego also pits two sibling coaches against one another.

Ravens Defensive Coordinator Chuck Pagano’s younger brother, John, is the linebackers coach for the Chargers, and it’s been a quiet week between the two coaches.

“We don’t talk this week,” Chuck Pagano said on Thursday.

John, who has been with the Chargers since 2002, has the upper hand on Chuck when they have coached against one another. John won the first six when Chuck was with the Browns and Raiders, but Chuck has enjoyed bragging rights for the last two years, as the Ravens took down the Chargers 31-26 in 2009.

“I’m 1-6 against him,” Chuck Pagano said. “The first six were JV teams that we took in there. Took varsity team there in 2009 and won. We’re taking a varsity team out there again.”

The Ravens were able to hand Head Coach John Harbaugh a victory over his brother Jim, when they beat the 49ers 16-6 on Thanksgiving, and they’re hoping to do same for Pagano.

“We’ve got to improve that record,” Ravens linebacker Jarret Johnson said.

The Pagano brothers are close, and while they aren’t communicating at all this week, they still talk often and are supporters of each other. When Chuck was named the Ravens defensive coordinator before the season, John said it was a promotion that was long overdue.

“I’m so happy he’s got the opportunity to be the coordinator in Baltimore,” John said during an offseason interview. “They’ve got a great defense. He’ll keep the tradition going there. When you see your family succeed like that, it makes you even prouder just being a part of it. We talk all the time. It’s something special.”

But once the game starts Sunday night, there won’t be much thought given to the sibling rivalry, as the focus for both coaches will shift to coaching their teams in the middle of a playoff race.

“It’s always fun to do it,” Chuck said. “When that ball is kicked off, it’s football, you know? You forget about all that stuff.”

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