Lewis Is ‘Feeling Way Better’

Ray Lewis doesn’t know if he’ll play this week. The decision will be made by coaches.

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Linebacker Ray Lewis spoke with the media for the first time since a turf toe injury caused him to miss four straight games today at his annual holiday charity event.

After telling hundreds of screaming children at the Port Covington Wal-Mart that their support has helped him get through his four-week toe injury, Lewis gave an update on his status.

He was vague about whether he would be able to return this week against the San Diego Chargers.

Ray Lewis Health Update

“Whenever it’s time for me to get back on the field, I’m definitely going to get back on there,” Lewis said. “But I’m feeling way better, I’m feeling way better. And that’s exciting news.”

Lewis said he thought he had a good chance to play the last four weeks but that coaches make those decisions and that they’re being smart.

The Ravens have won all four games with Lewis on the sideline and the defense has still been dominant, particularly during the past three games versus San Francisco, Cleveland and Indianapolis.

“I don’t mind being smart,” Lewis said. “The warrior side of me of course wants to get back out there.

“I have to take my hat off to my team. Every man, every week there’s always been a different player making a play. That’s kind of real exciting to see. No one man wins a Super Bowl. A team wins a Super Bowl. I think we grew a lot as a team these last couple weeks.”

Lewis told the children and the media that his toe injury – which has forced him out for the first time since 2007 – has put things in perspective.

“When God removes you from something, he’s trying to show you something else,” Lewis said. “God has shared a lot with me these last couple weeks. A lot of what he’s shared with me, I’ve shared with my teammates. It had to happen. If it didn’t happen, we don’t know where we would be right now.”

“We’re coming together as a team and you can tell we’re really starting to gel as a team. You see great teams go on to do great things through adversity. That’s what I’m proud of my team doing right now.”

More than 200 local underserved youth attended the event, and each child was invited to “shop” for themselves and their families from an assortment of gifts.

“Sometimes you find yourself going through so much yourself,” Lewis said. “But when you walk in here, you can’t complain.”

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