Late For Work 11/28: Suggs: Pitta’s American Express

More gems from Sound FX, and the pressure is still on the Ravens after Sunday’s AFC games.

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Suggs: Pitta’s American Express

Terrell Suggs will be adding one more item to the list when the Ravens travel: the rushing game, the defense and now … Dennis Pitta.

Dennis Pitta hauled in the deciding 8-yard touchdown pass early in the fourth quarter, but that score was only made possible by another clutch move earlier in the drive. Pitta impressively caught a tipped pass as he was falling to the ground on third-and-6 to keep the drive alive.

The catch was enough to impress teammate Terrell Suggs, who was on the sideline preparing to go back on the field in case the offense didn’t convert. After the successful conversion, he unbuttoned his chin strap, took off his helmet and found the nearest camera to deliver a message:

“The white tight end, baby!” Suggs said in the NFL Network Sound FX video to the right. “He’s always there when you need him.”

As Suggs knows, it wasn’t the first time Pitta came through in a pressure situation. He also helped the Ravens convert a franchise-record 14 third downs in the Ravens’ win over Pittsburgh in Week 9.

“The white tight end … he’s American Express,” Suggs told his defensive line. “He’s everywhere you want to be, don’t leave home without him.”

A Few More Gems From Sound FX



Suggs Sound FX will be posting all the NFLN Sound FX videos later this morning, so be sure to check them out. Until then, I wanted to highlight a few more gems (and there are many more).

  • “Everybody gettin’ sacks, but me. I’m done. They’re gonna get rid of me next year.” – Terrell Suggs said after Cory Redding notched his third sack of the season.
  • “Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, Jesus.” – A seldom-seen humbled Suggs said after his second sack of the game.
  • “Hunt. Hunt. Hunt. Don’t stop huntin’ till you’ve got [Alex Smith] up on your wall.” – Ray Lewis to Suggs.
  • Where else would you rather be right now than right here?” asked John Harbaugh of his players on the sideline.”On the field,” responded Lewis, who was out with a toe injury.”Oh yeah. Sorry, man,” Harbaugh said as an understanding Lewis chuckled in the background and then told Harbs, “you gotta keep moving.”

Pressure Still On Ravens After Sunday’s AFC Games

Sheesh. The Ravens couldn’t catch a break Sunday.

Baltimore could have been afforded a little breathing room in the AFC standings had the Patriots, Texans, Steelers or Bengals lost.

No dice.

Instead, the 8-3 Ravens are the No. 3 seed in the conference with the Texans (8-3) and Patriots (8-3) sitting with the first and second spots because of tie-breaking procedures. The Steelers (8-3) hoping for Baltimore to slip up to take over the lead in the AFC North.

Here’s a quick rundown of each team’s game result.

Texans 20, Jaguars 13: It was Houston’s fifth consecutive win, but they could be in serious trouble as backup quarterback Matt Leinart left the game after injuring his throwing shoulder. He could join starter Matt Schaub on injured reserve. Rookie T.J. Yates stepped in at quarterback.

Steelers 13, Chiefs 9: Pittsburgh only scored 13 points after they forced four turnover by Kansas City quarterback Tyler Palko. Safety Troy Polamalu left the game in the first quarter after the reigning Defensive Player of the Year’s head hit Chiefs tackle Steve Maneri’s knee. Tomlin said after the game that he was experiencing “concussion-like symptoms.”

Patriots 38, Eagles 20: Quarterback Tom Brady threw for 361 yards and three touchdowns as the Patriots sailed to victory.

Bengals 23, Browns 20: A.J. Green made a game-saving, 51-yard catch in the final minute to set up a field goal that rallied the Bengals over the Browns. For the second time in three games, a botched snap cost Cleveland late in the game.

T. Smith Reaches Out To Fitzgerald About Hair Tackles

It doesn’t seem like the talk on Torrey Smith’s hair tackle is dying down, and it won’t if Smith keeps tweeting about it.

Last week, the Ravens rookie receiver reached out to Cardinals receiver Larry Fitzgerald, who is also known for sporting long dreads, to get a better idea of the likelihood a hair tackle could happen again.

Here’s the Twitter exchange (hat tip to Larry Brown Sports):

“whats happnin bro??” Smith tweeted to Fitzgerald. “Have you ever been tackled by your dreads??”

“luckily that hasn’t happened,” he responded. “Yet, odds aren’t looking good for you in it happening again seeing how young ur lol”

That wasn’t enough to convince Smith to pull out the scissors, though. “yours are twice as long haha I’m not worried about it happening again it was a fluke”

Quick Hits

  • How would you grade Defensive Coordinator Chuck Pagano at this point in the season, Jamison Hensley? “Pagano gets an A, and it’s tough to argue otherwise. He vowed to be aggressive when he took over for Greg Mattison and he’s backed that up this season. The Ravens are among the best in sacks, takeaways and points allowed. This has been a high-impact defense.” [ESPN]
  • “If the road to the Super Bowl in the AFC goes through Baltimore, the rest of the conference could be in trouble,” wrote Don Banks. “We’ve seen what John Harbaugh’s Ravens can do on the road in the playoffs, but they desperately want the AFC North title and the conference’s top seed this season because they are fully aware how much their home turf means to their Super Bowl chances.” []
  • Bengals Head Coach Marvin Lewis wishes CBS analyst Dan Dierdorf would learn the rules – Suggs wasn’t called for a horse-collar tackle on quarterback Andy Dalton two weeks ago because it’s a legal tackle in the pocket. “I had a zillion text messages saying that Andy Dalton got horse-collared on the last play,” Lewis said. “Well, there’s no such thing as a horse collar on a quarterback in the pocket. So there are some things that unfortunately even the announcers doing our games don’t know the ins and outs of the rules. They bring up the speculation on TV, and that causes the groundswell. We wish, for clarification purposes, everybody could understand the rules a little better.” [Cincinnati Headlines Examiner]

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