Webb Stands Up To The Test

CB Lardarius Webb notched his second pick in as many games and fourth of the year.

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After notching an interception to close out the first half, Ravens cornerback Lardarius Webb sat on the ground with his arms out to his side, as if asking why the 49ers would test him like that.

The 49ers took two deep shots against the Ravens the whole game.

One was completed against Cary Williams for what would have been a 75-yard touchdown to Ted Ginn Jr., before it was wiped out by a penalty. The other was the 35-yard bomb at Webb that got picked.

Webb is showing more and more that he isn’t a cornerback to be trifled with.

The third-year cornerback now has four interceptions on the season and two in as many contests. Webb is second on the Ravens with 56 tackles and has a team-high 14 pass deflections.

While his diving interception against the Bengals last Sunday was an acrobatic feat, Thursday’s against San Francisco was textbook.

The 5-foot-10 Webb was giving up five inches to 49ers wide receiver Braylon Edwards on the play. As quarterback Alex Smith said after the game, he liked his one-on-one matchup.

Smith’s throw was a bit inside instead of outside. Webb was tracking the ball for a while in the air, and boxed out Edwards with his body before leaping to make the pick in the end zone.

Considering the 49ers had a first-and-10 from the 35 and time to move further, Webb’s interception saved a touchdown at worst and a likely field goal at best.

“I mean, it was simple. They tried to big boy me, you know, put a tall guy [against me],” Webb said. “And I played it well. But he had to get the ball out right then, so it made it easy on me.”

“Webb made a good play. That happens,” 49ers Head Coach Jim Harbaugh said.

Webb gave much credit for the secondary’s performance to the front seven, which logged nine sacks. A week after Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton threw for 373 yards against it, Baltimore held Smith to just 140 passing yards and 15 completions.

With increased pressure on Smith, it forced him to get the ball out faster and didn’t give as much time for routes to develop. Thus, the defensive backs had to cover less and could make more plays on the ball.

“If the front seven keeps playing the way they played, then you’ll see more games like this,” Webb said.

But pressure or not, more games like the one against San Francisco continue to pile up for Webb.

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