Flacco, Pitta Have Power Of The Stache

Joe Flacco and Dennis Pitta are trying to spread an ‘ugly’ fu manchu trend.

Posted by Ryan Mink on Friday, November 25th, 2011 at 1:48 pm | Categories: Ryan Mink

Funky facial hair has worked in the past.

So Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco and tight end Dennis Pitta figured, why not?

Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers had an impressive mustache at the start of this year and he’s having an MVP season. Steelers defensive Brett Kiesel rocked a huge beard into the Super Bowl last year.

So on Thanksgiving day, Flacco and Pitta broke out the buzzers and gave themselves a pair of starter fu manchus to debut on national television.

“Me and Dennis were talking about it; a lot of great teams, they always have their signature thing that they go through a season with, and we’re just trying to create one,” Flacco said.

Flacco said he and Pitta tried to get the rest of the offense on the bandwagon.

No dice.

“It’s kind of tough convincing everybody to get really ugly,” Flacco said, adding that perhaps more would take on the style after the efficient offense helped deliver a 16-6 victory.

“I think after playing the way we did tonight, maybe I’m starting to get a couple followers.”

Pitta conceded to Flacco on who has the better looking mustache at this point. The second-year tight end said he’s got to darken his or do something to make it stand out more.

But there’s definitely time to improve them. After all, they aren’t shaving them off until they lose.

“We’ll stick with it as long as we’re winning and let the power of the stache continue,” said Pitta, who did happen to catch the game-deciding touchdown pass.

“What better way to mix it up than having an ugly mustache?”

Outspoken fashion guru Terrell Suggs didn’t seem to like the look for Flacco. He said Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, who Suggs has often called a “pretty boy,” wouldn’t have a mustache like that.

“[Flacco] can keep it as long as we win,” Suggs said with a roll of the eyes. “But I think the moment we start not being ourselves, that’s got to go. He’s the quarterback, he has to have swag.”

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