Questioning The Enemy: Former Terp Davis Returns Home

Jim Harbaugh and TE Vernon Davis took the tough questions from the Baltimore media.

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Vernon Davis is one of the most explosive players to come out of the University of Maryland in school history.

After just two seasons in College Park, the freakishly athletically-gifted Davis was taken sixth overall in the 2006 NFL Draft. He has turned into one of the game’s top tight ends, including having more than 900 yards receiving the past two years and 13 touchdowns in 2009.

The Washington native returned to his roots earlier this season when he and the 49ers faced the Redskins. He caught four passes for 41 yards in a Week 9 win. Now Davis is back in Maryland for more.

Here’s the highlights of what Davis and 49ers Head Coach Jim Harbaugh had to say to the Baltimore media:

TE Vernon Davis

On what it will be like for him to come back to Maryland and play in front of a lot of Terrapin fans: “It’ll be nice. It’ll be just like the Redskins game back in [early November]. A lot of family, a lot of people and things like that.”

On what he remembers most from his days at the University of Maryland: “Just a lot of family, a lot of people I grew up with. Friends and everything like that, they would always come to the games and support me. After the game, we would all get together and get some food and things like that.”

On his opinion of Maryland this year, and fellow Terrapin, Ravens wide receiver Torrey Smith: “Maryland, I think they’re building. They’re on the rise. I think in a few years, they’ll be as good as anyone. But it takes time, just like for anybody, any team. It takes time. You have to build, keep on building until you reach the top. And that’s what it’s going to be. Torrey Smith, he’s a great talent. I think he’s really panned out in the NFL and he’s doing a great job for Baltimore. He’s definitely one of those guys we have to account for, on the defensive side, because he’s making plays.”

On who is more of a playmaker between him and Smith: “I like his ability. I think he’s really similar to what I can do as far as making plays. He can run really well, he can catch; he’s making plays. But, I think his biggest thing is that he’s able to run.”
On whether he will be disappointed if linebacker Ray Lewis can’t play on Thursday night: “It doesn’t really make [any] difference whether he is playing or whether he isn’t. I don’t think that one guy on defense could make a big difference. It doesn’t matter. He is a good player, don’t get me wrong. I would love to play against one of the best players on their team, but if he is not, then oh well. We have to go. We can’t worry about what they have going on, we have to worry about what the 49ers have going on.”

On if Lewis being out would change the game plan: “No, not at all. I don’t think it does. I don’t think it changes anything. It doesn’t, because the next guy that is behind him will fill his shoes, and I’m sure they will have him doing the same thing that Ray Lewis does – trying to make tackles and make plays.”

Head Coach Jim Harbaugh

On whether he’ll use the long trip and quick turnaround as motivation: “There will be plenty of motivation for this ballgame. We feel like we’re playing the best team we’ve played all season and maybe the best team we play all year. … We know what a huge challenge this will be.”

On how the Ravens’ defense played without Lewis on Sunday: “Dominating like that team defensively has been all season long. It’s been a dominating, stifling defense. I think the Ravens would rather have Ray out there. We would rather have Ray on the sidelines.”

On how much he and John bounce ideas off each other: “[I’ve] done it my whole life. [We’ve] bounced things off each other since the time I can remember bouncing something off of somebody. [They’re my] first memories, 4 or 5 years old, same room, same brother, bouncing things off each other, sharing ideas, sharing goals, sharing dreams. We’ve been doing it our whole lives.”

On how he made the transition from coaching in college to the pros: “I don’t think there’s that much difference coaching high school, college or pro. Coaching is teaching. You give advice. Hopefully it sounded nice.”

On his days as a Raven in 1998, when he started 12 games at quarterback: “There are good memories of wins, there were some tough losses there. [With] Ted Marchibroda and my teammates, I saw firsthand what a tremendous organization that the Baltimore Ravens have in place. Like many great organizations, they still have many of those people are in place today. They’ve done a tremendous job and stood the test of time.”


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