Frustrated Cundiff Missing From Deep

Harbaugh said Cundiff’s misses could change whether he sends him out for +50-yarders.

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Billy Cundiff was hitting 58-yarders in both directions in pregame warm-ups at Seattle’s CenturyLink Field.

So when he stepped up for a 50-yard attempt on the Ravens’ first drive, he was feeling confident and thought it was going to be “easy.”

Not so much.

Cundiff missed twice from 50 yards and beyond against the Seahawks on Sunday, which took six potential points off the board in a 22-17 loss.

It continued his trend of missing from long distance. Cundiff is now 1-for-6 from 50-plus this season.

Head Coach John Harbaugh said Cundiff’s misses from over 50 yards could influence his decision of whether to send him out in such situations moving forward.

“It could; I think especially with the weather getting a little tougher,” Harbaugh said. “Those kind of long kicks are never easy kicks, and you really don’t want to give up that field position.”

Cundiff said he’s found “numerous ways to miss a 50-yard field goal.”

Part of Cundiff’s problem earlier this season was not “attacking” the ball. It started in St. Louis, when he missed a two attempts from past 50 yards. He missed far to the right in Jacksonville. Last week, in a miss from 40 yards, Head Coach John Harbaugh said Cundiff’s drive foot slipped.

In Seattle, Cundiff said the wind was the main culprit.

His first attempt from 50 yards fell a couple yards short of the goal posts, which is unusual considering Cundiff – who tied the all-time record for touchbacks last year – has plenty of leg. Long snapper Morgan Cox’s delivery was also a bit low.

“I thought I hit the ball extremely well,” Cundiff said. “I played it right down the line that I wanted. The wind caught it and threw it down.”

His second attempt came from 52 yards with seven seconds left in the first half. The Ravens had driven down the field in just 39 seconds to give themselves a chance to cut into the Seahawks’ 19-7 lead. But Cundiff’s kick sailed right.

“Going into half, that ball was frustrating as well,” Cundiff said. “I thought that I hit it well. The wind obviously got the best of me today. If I had to do it all over again, maybe I’d try to hit it lower.”

The reigning Pro Bowl kicker now has a 77.8 field goal percentage on the season after posting an 89.7 percentage last year. Cundiff’s 21 successful field goals are the fourth-most in the NFL, but his percentage is tied for 27th.

He’s a career 26-percent kicker from 50 and beyond. Besides his 50-plus attempts this season, Cundiff has made all but one of his other field goals (20 of 21).

“I’m frustrated that I haven’t performed,” Cundiff said. “That’s my job. My job is to make kicks and I haven’t done that.”

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