Bold Predictions: Ravens Pitch Shutout In Seattle

Fans from Facebook, Twitter and the Forums predict what will happen Sunday in Seattle.

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The Baltimore Ravens are coming off arguably their biggest win of the season in Pittsburgh, and they are hoping to follow it up with an impressive West Coast showing in Seattle.

We reached out to Ravens fans on Facebook, Twitter and our forums to ask what kind of Bold Predictions you have for Sunday’s game.

Here’s our collection of some of the best – or most entertaining – responses.


@oeyaustin4real: Ed Reed goes throwback to his Miami days and steals a ball from his own teammate and goes the distance

@edreedrocks: Laquan williams and Torrey Smith both score and Dickson breaks the century mark

@ravens2092: defense will have a total of 12 sacks, & a ton of forced turnovers & tackles, all in favor of the Ravens, & NO penalties!!!

@DaLeoWebber: The Ravens will shutout the Seahawks, Torrey Smith scores 3 TD’s, and Flacco throws for over 400. Score: Ravens, 52, Hawks: 0


J-man: Tyrod gets his first snap of the season. Meaning Flacco gets pulled, but for winning by so much.

BenDufusberger: Flacco , disgusted by the Ravens’ poor performance in the red zone , takes matters into his own hands and runs it in himself – twice – in goal-to-go situations.

PuRock: The Seahawks put milk and cookies into our team’s locker room before the game


Nathan Meade: ‎35-0 Ray Lewis gets a sack fumble returned for 6, Ed Reed hooks up for a pick 6, Joe Flacco 53 yd beauty of a TD pass to Boldin, o ya and Rice gonna run him over some seachickens!!!!!!!!!!

Sondra Payne: Ray Lewis will get an interception an Ed Reed will get a pick-6. Torrie Smith will grab an amazing catch for a touchdown and Lil’ Ray Rice will get 200+ yards.

Kimberly C. Hall: Iam feeling very bold yet again! T sizz and the ball so hard university crew will blow the seahawks into a million peices!!!

Nick Gallaher: After a 92 yard drive beating the Steelers, Joe Flacco comes to EverQuest stadium and throws for 5 TD’s. When Skip Bayless then decides to deny Joe Flacco his credit, much like he did teammate Terrel Suggs, he marches on set and turns into a rabid boar and proves that he is indeed the elite of the NFL.

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