Lewis Fined, But Won’t Change His Style

Linebacker Ray Lewis didn’t divulge the amount of his fine from a hit on Hines Ward.

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Ray Lewis has been fined for his helmet-to-helmet hit on Steelers wide receiver Hines Ward in last Sunday’s game.

Lewis did not divulge the amount of the fine, but Aaron Wilson of the Carroll County Times reported it’s $20,000.

Lewis did say it won’t change his style of play.

“Yeah, I heard from the league and like I said they fined me whatever they was going to fine me,” Lewis said.

Ray Lewis’ Hit On Hines
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“The thing is you definitely respect them trying to protect player safety. At the same time, it won’t change not one way I play this week no matter what the fine is. You can’t stop playing defense the way defense has always been created to play. When the receiver has the ball, your job is to disengage him from the ball. You never want to hurt nobody. I’ve been in this business too long. I just think once you start getting into these fines I don’t know how they come up with the numbers most of the time.”

The top of Lewis’ facemask connected with the side of Ward’s head during a hit on third down early in the second quarter.

Ward had caught the pass, but Lewis’ tackle dislodged the ball and forced the Steelers to settle for a field goal instead of a chance to go for it on fourth-and-short. Lewis was not penalized.

The hit also left Ward woozy. The Steelers first classified his injury as a “stinger,” but later said Ward was experiencing concussion-like symptoms.

Lewis wasn’t the only player fined as a result of Sunday’s rivalry game. Steelers safety Ryan Clark was reportedly served a $40,000 fine for his helmet-to-helmet hit on Ravens tight end Ed Dickson. Clark is a repeat offender.

Lewis was previously fined for a hit on former Bengals receiver Chad Ochocinco in 2009, but was the NFL’s poster boy on how to execute big, and legal, hits last year. The league made his hit on Jets tight end Dustin Keller the lead of their instructional video to players.

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