Late For Work 11/9: Here We Go Again – Suggs vs. Skip Round II

Plus Torrey responds to those who think he pushed off and Week 9 power rankings.

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Here We Go Again – Suggs vs. Skip Round II

Suggs vs. Skip Round II started out respectful and cordial.

But things quickly got animated.

Since Terrell Suggs and Skip Bayless battled so fervently over Flacco last month, many have wondered if the Ravens’ quarterback finally made a believer out of Skip after he led his team to a 92-yard game-winning touchdown drive in just over two minutes at Heinz Field against one of the best defenses in the league.

Leave it to Skip, though, to twist the conversation into an issue of whether Suggs himself – despite being Flacco’s No. 1 public defender – was shocked to see his quarterback take the game over.

“My Pa, Donald Suggs Sr., told me you should make your words soft and sweet because you may have to eat them later,” Suggs said, starting off the conversation on ESPN’s First Take. “So I was just wondering how that Joe Flacco, Raven pie is tasting right now?”

Bayless politely responded, “I want to start by congratulating my friend, Terrell Suggs, on what I thought was the most impressive single victory of any NFL team this entire year – your win on Sunday night at Pittsburgh. And you had a big hand in it literally when you intercepted the pass from Roethlisberger. So to start off, I give it up to you. Congratulations – go ahead and gloat right now.”

Suggs vs. Skip, Part II
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“No need to gloat. We expected to win,” said Suggs. “We went in there knowing we were going to win. We knew it was going to be tough. It’s the most difficult stadium to win in the whole NFL. But we knew we were going to win it – especially because of No. 5.”

“Oh, especially because of No. 5,” Bayless responded. “OK, I’m going to do it again. I’m going to go inside the head of Terrell Suggs … I’m going to suggest to you [that] you stood on the sidelines alongside Ray Lewis and Ed Reed and all the veteran Ravens [and] I don’t think you believed what was happening before your very eyes.

“I think you were almost as shocked as the Pittsburgh Steelers were.”

“Not at all. Not at all – for the simple fact that he did it last year [in the divisional playoff loss]. We just dropped the ball. Do you remember?” Suggs asked, referring to receiver T.J. Houshmandzadeh’s drop after Flacco hit him in the numbers on fourth-and-18 on the Ravens’ final offensive play of the 2010 season. “But like I told you, ol’ Cool Joe, he was cool. Even under pressure he was cool and he delivered.”

The two went on to debate why other successful quarterbacks are allowed to have a bad game or two, but when Flacco does, it means he’s not good enough and his defense doesn’t trust him.  Suggs pointed out that Drew Brees, Philip Rivers and Tony Romo have all had bad games this season, but they don’t get attacked in the same way.

Bayless accused Suggs of changing the topic, saying what other quarterbacks do has nothing to do with Flacco.

The ESPN analyst said it was “predictable” that linebacker James Harrison sacked Flacco “right on cue” and caused a fumble that led to a Steelers touchdown. He also said safety Ryan Clark completely misjudged the game-winning 26-yard touchdown to receiver Torrey Smith, adding that Ed Reed would have intercepted it “with his teeth.”

“Oh, oh, oh. So that’s our fault? It sounds like you’re making excuses,” Suggs said.

“I’m not. I’m just telling you the truth that you know and I know, but you will not acknowledge publicly,” Bayless replied.

“Skip, there’s getting it done and then there’s not getting it done,” Suggs said. “Yes, Ed Reed would have caught it. Ed Reed is the greatest safety to ever play the game. … But Ryan Clark is not Ed Reed. So what? They left a play on the field. There’s getting it done and there’s not getting it done.

“Your boy, Joe, he got it done.”

“It’s your boy, Joe. Not mine. Don’t put him on me,” said Bayless.

“Excuse me. My boy, Joe,” Suggs said. “Oh, he’s going to be your boy. He’s going to be your boy in a minute.”

“So can I book it now? You’re going to win the Super Bowl with Joe Flacco at quarterback?” asked Bayless.

“We have to take baby steps, baby. I mean, you can’t say, ‘Oh I’m going to win the Super Bowl.’ There are 32 teams in the league trying to do the same thing,” Suggs said.

“Oh you’re eating humble pie,” said Bayless.

“I’m not eating no humble pie,” Suggs said emphatically. “I just know the task at hand. To get to Point C I got to get to Point B. The next step is the Seattle Seahawks. I ain’t taking that bait. You kidding me?”

“No, come on. I want you to have the courage of your convictions,” said Bayless. “I want you to put on the record that you will win this year’s Super Bowl with Joe Flacco.”

“We still got work to do. I guarantee we’ll be in the running. I’ll tell you one thing. Tim Tebow won’t be in there,” Suggs said referring to Bayless’ support of Tebow.

Then to close the argument, Suggs started talking over Bayless with his biceps flexed repeatedly saying, “Ball So Hard University. Let’s go!”

Week 9 Power Rankings

The consensus is that the Ravens are now the kings of the AFC North and possibly even of the entire conference. Baltimore wasn’t ranked below No. 4 in any of the lists below, and was always listed as the top AFC team (this week’s rankings and last week’s rankings in parentheses). (3/4): “A sweep of the Steelers makes the Ravens the new kings of the AFC North.”’s Peter King (3/6): “How sweep it is: Ravens win the season series 2-zip over Pittsburgh for only the second time ever.”’s Pete Prisco (4/5): “With their season sweep of the Steelers, they are the favorite in the division. Joe Flacco had a big-boy drive to win that game Sunday.”’s Brian Billick (3/5): “By sweeping the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Ravens have put themselves in the best position to win the division since head coach John Harbaugh arrived in 2008. Like the previous week, the Ravens had to put QB Joe Flacco in the shotgun and spread the Steelers’ defense to drive the length of the field and win. Baltimore’s formula for success will not change: Play good defense and run the ball. But knowing they can spread the ball out might be just the thing they need to take this team to the next level: the Super Bowl.”’s Mike Florio (4/7): “If the offense that showed up late in the Steelers game had shown up against the Titans and Jaguars, the Ravens would be undefeated.”’s Elliot Harrison (3/7): “Huge win for the Ravens, huge win for Joe Flacco. But the biggest boon for Baltimore might be what the team is getting from Anquan Boldin. The vet has been more than reliable the last few weeks, while Torrey Smith is hit or miss. When Lee Evans comes back, what was once a weak position group will become an area of strength for coach John Harbaugh.”

Torrey Responds To Steelers Fans Who’d Say He Pushed Off

Some Steelers fans would say Smith got away with a push to get some separation on his game-winning touchdown Sunday night.

ProFootballTalk’s Mike Florio asked Smith to respond:

“I mean, he was holding me. So, I pushed him off me,” Smith said. “You can say what you want. He pass interferenced me first and the only way to get him off me was to push him, so I got him that one time. I guess it made up for the five times they held me for the rest of the game.”

Here’s more from Smith on what was going through his mind during the drive.

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