Late For 11/8: Please, Come Celebrate Inside Locker Room

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Please Come Celebrate Inside Locker Room

I’ve read a lot about the Ravens’ post-game celebration in the locker room.

In fact, I’d say outside of analyzing the Joe Flacco-led game-winning drive, it’s the trendiest topic after the 23-20 stunner in Pittsburgh.

“It was one of the most touching post-game scenes Ravens fans have seen in recent years,” wrote The Baltimore Sun’s Kevin Cowherd.

“According to those who were there, the post-game celebration behind closed doors in the Ravens locker room was loud enough to be heard in Wyoming.”

Well the locker room doors have been opened, thanks to exclusive content from Rave-TV.

Ravens’ Postgame Locker Room

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Players singing the “Seven-Nation Army” anthem, teammates saying “I love you” to each other, a Gatorade shower, Flacco reminding his offensive line they didn’t even use their timeout in the final drive, and Terrell Suggs just staring at Torrey Smith with a proud smirk on his face.

Watch it. If you’re at work, pull out the head phones and watch it at lunch or on you 10-minute break. And then watch it again. Savor it.

Over the top?

Heck no. I don’t think so and neither does Cowherd nor ESPN’s Ashley Fox.

“What if John Harbaugh’s Baltimore Ravens win a conference championship, or, by chance, a Super Bowl? What will the celebration be like then?

“Dousing the coach with Gatorade? And a postgame locker room celebration that was so loud you could hear the boisterous cheers beyond closed doors? And a jubilant collision between Harbaugh and General Manager Ozzie Newsome that left Harbaugh’s chin bloody? And an off-the-cuff Teddy Roosevelt riff from Harbaugh? For this?

“Yes, for this.”

Fans have had to endure the heartbreak of two playoff ousts by Pittsburgh in the last three years. Teammates have defended Flacco against the onslaught of criticism during a never ending locked-out offseason and after subpar performances in recent weeks.

Sunday’s win helps all off that roll off the back.

“I’ve never seen John Harbaugh so amped after a game. Same goes for Joe Flacco, who, after most wins, tends to have the demeanor of the BGE guy who’s just arrived at your house to check the meter,” wrote Cowherd. “Good for Harbaugh and Flacco.

“No matter how the rest of the season goes, that scene was fun to watch.”

Harbaugh: We Are Moving On

For those of you that are legitimately worried about a repeat of what happened in Week 2 after the Ravens’ season-opening win against the Steelers – did you catch what Harbaugh said at the end of his locker room speech?

“We are moving on,” he said. And then he looked around the room and asked, “Everyone in agreement?”

All the players and coaches nodded in agreement.

“We got a big game in Seattle on Sunday. We make this game count by what we do next Sunday.”

As I strolled through the Ravens practice facility in Owings Mills yesterday, it was easy to note all the smiling faces. But those smiling faces were in the classrooms watching film. Those smiling faces were in the weight room getting their Monday workouts.

They do not want another loss after an emotional win like they had in Tennessee in September.

“If we go out to Seattle and lay an egg, this win has a lot less value,” linebacker Jarret Johnson told reporters. “We’ve done it before. We’ve been up on [the Steelers], had a big win on them last year here with a last-second victory and came back and dropped a few games. They went right ahead of us, and we ended up coming here in the playoffs.”

Pittsburgh Fans Holding Out Hope

JJ is right. The Steelers could still end up with a better record than the Ravens – even after Sunday’s win.

The only thing that is certain is that the Ravens hold a tie-breaking advantage.

Pittsburgh-Post Gazette’s Ed Bouchette reminded Steelers fans yesterday that “hope remains for [the] title.”

“With nearly half the season left, the Steelers’ chances to win the AFC North Division did not end with their loss Sunday to Baltimore,” he wrote. “They were seriously set back.

“Provided Cincinnati does not become involved in a three-way tie or keep pace, then for the Steelers to win the division over Baltimore they must finish one game ahead. That means if Baltimore finishes the second half of the season at 6-2, as the Ravens did the first half, the Steelers must win the rest of their seven games. If the Ravens go 5-3, the Steelers must go at least 6-1.”

The two teams have similar remaining schedules.

For Baltimore here’s what left: at Seattle, Cincinnati, San Francisco, at Cleveland, Indianapolis, at San Diego, Cleveland, at Cincinnati.

For the Steelers: at Cincinnati, at Kansas City, Cincinnati, Cleveland, at San Francisco, St. Louis, at Cleveland.

King: Harbaugh Is Coach Of The Week’s Peter King gave Harbaugh his Coach of the Week award after out-smarting the Steelers in Round II of the 2011 matchups.

King recalled sitting with Harbaugh in a Pittsburgh hotel before the Ravens’ divisional loss last season. Harbaugh told the NFL insider that he knew his team would eventually beat the Steelers – even if it wasn’t that day.

“It took a few months, but the Ravens completed a season sweep. … On this night, John slew the dragon that has dogged his every step since he took the coaching job in Baltimore in 2008, completing his first series sweep over the Steelers in four seasons.

“Harbaugh and his staff have melded some valuable vets they inherited with the influx of Ozzie Newsome-drafted youth, and he’s made it all work. For the Ravens to beat a hot Pittsburgh team after skunking the Steelers to open the season has to make owner Steve Bisciotti feel like he made a brilliant choice against the grain when he hired Harbaugh, the Eagles’ special teams coach, in 2008.”

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