Bold Predictions: Ravens Match Week 1 Performance

Fans from Facebook, Twitter & the Forums predict what will happen on Sunday Night Football.

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It’s Steelers Week, and we here at reached out to The Flock on Facebook, Twitter and the Ravens’ forums to ask one question:

What will happen on Sunday Night Football in the second installment of Ravens-Steelers?

Here is a selection of the best, or at least most entertaining, responses:


@Awesumo: #boldpredictions Ravens get 6 sacks and force four turnovers while Ray Rice gets 150 yards of total offense

@FazerOnSwag: Anquan Boldin demands the ball some more and winds up with 200+ yards and 2 touchdowns

@Cognizance: Same as game 1


ravensfan160: Kruger will have 3 sacks as the Steelers devote 3 guys to blocking T-Sizzle.

PWNEDbyDEANO: To prove to the rest of the league just how smashmouth this rivalry is, our first goal line offensive play will be a HB dive with Ngata at FB and Cody at RB. “The Freight Train”

Juviebest: Jimmy Smith gets his first career pick lining up against Hines Ward. Sizzle then mocks Ward on ESPN’s First Take. This one is for you Skip Bayless.


Austin Gaffglione: Ravens win 23-17 and 2 fights break out

Becky Chaney: Flacco will do a fake out throw, and then run straight down the middle for the winning touchdown!!! Purple madness!!!

Cameron Thornton: typical Ravens-Steelers game, 13-10 Baltimore in Overtime, Haloti Ngata scores a rushing touchdown

Kyle Araiza: Ray Lewis will transform into a half human half buffalo meat machine of pure Raven spirit and strength. As he bellows a fearsome war cry from his hairy buffalo gut, he will reign down a most vicious onslaught accompanied by a blood thirsty team of mongols that you call the Ravens, against the now soiled and terrified steelers! With every thunderous tackle and glorious throw made on that field, the stadium that once stood there will be ravaged and torn to bits by the extreme unfathomable awesomeness that our beloved team will conjure up using skill, power, teamwork, and heart. THERE WILL BE NO SURVIVORS IN THIS MASSACRE YOU CALL A FOOTBALL GAME!!!!
… basically we’ll win…yeah.

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