Suggs Has More Words For Skip Bayless

Was the season-opening victory Baltimore’s ‘Super Bowl’ performance? Can it be replicated?

Posted by Garrett Downing on Thursday, November 3rd, 2011 at 11:42 am | Categories: Garrett Downing, Week 9 vs Steelers

Skip Bayless is developing a partner in debate.

Terrell Suggs.

The ESPN personality and Ravens Pro Bowl linebacker went to battle on “First Take” earlier this season about whether the Ravens have confidence in quarterback Joe Flacco.

On Wednesday, Suggs had a few choice words for Bayless when he was asked a question about Bayless’ comments that the Ravens’ Week 1 victory over Pittsburgh was Baltimore’s “Super Bowl,” and that the Ravens would not be able to replicate that kind of performance.

“Skip Bayless is a genius,” Suggs said. “He’s got the IQ of 172. I think he got his doctorate from MIT, so you know especially coming from a guy that was a Hall-of-Famer in the football league, we should definitely take what he says and learn from it.”

Suggs continued, elaborating on the not-so-fortunate among us.

“But for those that aren’t geniuses, we know there’s wins and losses, and we won the first game and all that matters is we got that first win and we’re gonna go and try to get that second one.”

During the debate between the two on “First Take,” Bayless said that Flacco is holding the team back, and told Suggs that he didn’t believe the Ravens had confidence in their quarterback.

Suggs could not have disagreed more.

“I’m 100 percent sold on ‘Cool Joe,’” Suggs said on the show.

Bayless responded with, “I’m not buying one second of what you just said. I think you’re a great actor.”

Bayless also said that players on the Steelers told him the Ravens don’t believe in Flacco.

“[That's] because you got a little alliance with the boys in the black over there.” Suggs responded. “You got a little alliance. Everybody knows you got a little soft spot for them boys over there, but that’s OK. We don’t blame you for that.”
With the Steelers game upcoming on Sunday, it’s not surprising that the war of words between the two has returned.

We can only expect Bayless to respond.

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