Steelers Look Back On ‘Embarrassing’ Loss

Head Coach Mike Tomlin and wide receiver Mike Wallace answer the tough questions.

Posted by Ryan Mink on Thursday, November 3rd, 2011 at 3:33 pm | Categories: Questioning The Enemy, Ryan Mink, Week 9 vs Steelers

A 35-7 whupping like the one the Ravens put on the Steelers in Week 1 leaves a lasting impression.

The Baltimore media asked Pittsburgh Head Coach Mike Tomlin and wide receiver Mike Wallace for their thoughts on it as they head into Sunday’s rematch. Here are the highlights:

Head Coach Mike Tomlin

On whether he thinks the Ravens tried to run up the score on them: “Absolutely not. It’s our job to keep the score down, buddy.”

On how much of an effect the Ravens’ Week 1 two-point conversion had on his team after the game and going into this week:  “I was not perturbed one iota about the two-point conversion. I was perturbed about how we played.”

On whether the Steelers still have an issue with the way the Ravens’ offensive line blocked in Week 1: “The Steelers have never had an issue with that. Maybe it was some individuals that were misinformed and stated otherwise, but as an organization and football team, we’ve never had an issue with the techniques that they utilized in that game.”

On how much he will use the Week 1 game as motivation in addressing the team this week: “I don’t know that that’s necessary. Anybody that was there and a part of that understands that we laid a complete egg, and we’ve got to accept responsibility for that. I think to this point, we have, and I don’t see why this week would be any different.”

On what has changed about his team since that game: “Well, we’re executing at a higher level. I think it’s pretty clear. You know, there’s nothing mystical about football, to be honest with you. We take a fundamentalist approach to the game. We didn’t play with a great deal of detail and execution in the first game, and we’ve improved over the course of the season. And that’s what teams better do. We better continue to do that moving forward.”

WR Mike Wallace

On what he was feeling after the Week 1 game: “It was an embarrassing loss, just for the team that we play for. Things like that don’t happen like that around here too often, so when something like that happens, it kind of catches you off guard and you’re kind of shocked about it. So, we’re most definitely ready to get back on the field and take care of that situation.”

On how much losing 35-7 in Week 1 factors into his motivation this weekend: “Me personally, I look at that as that was the past. That was Week 1. We’re now in like Week 9, so this is a new week. We don’t really care about what happened the first week. Obviously, it’s going to be on your mind a little bit, because it happened. You can’t act like it never happened. But me personally, I’m just going out trying to win in Week 9, bring my ‘A’ game and be ready to play.”

On what the difference is with their team between Week 1 and now: “I think we’re just a little bit more in sync. I think everybody’s gelling together. We had a whole different offensive line from what we usually have [in that] first week, but I think we have guys just playing at a high level right now. Guys are feeling more comfortable. Like I said, it’s Week 9 now instead of Week 1, so guys are knowing their roles and playing them well.”

On whether it seems like there has been less trash-talk between the two teams this week, and whether they pay attention to that: “We don’t really care what other people think. I mean, if we feel it’s necessary to say something, we will. But when it comes down to playing football games, we don’t really do too much talking, because we go out and play every week. We know we’re going to bring our game, so talking is really unnecessary. You know, in some situations when something needs to be said, we have guys who are never scared to speak their mind or hold their tongue back for anybody. But, we feel like at the end of the day, you still have to go on the field on Sunday, so all that talking really doesn’t matter. So, if you notice, it’s never really been us doing the talking; it’s always them.”

On whether he looks at Ravens/Steelers week any differently: “Me personally, no. I just see them as another team in our way trying to get to the Super Bowl. So, we’ve just got to knock them out like everybody else.”

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