Cam Dials Up Deep Pass In Clutch

Torrey Smith’s 36-yard catch on the final drive was the byproduct of communication.

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The Ravens were facing a second-and-7 from the Cardinals’ 41 yard line.

They needed about 10 yards to get into range for a final-minute, game-winning Billy Cundiff field goal.

That’s when Offensive Coordinator Cam Cameron – who took more than his share of the heat last week, has heard from fans about not being aggressive enough and had his dialogue with his quarterback questioned – dialed up a shot.

The play call was the result of Cameron and quarterback Joe Flacco working together during the week.

The Ravens had tried four times to hit rookie wide receiver Torrey Smith deep, twice down the right sideline and twice over the middle.

All four went incomplete.

They went to the well once again late in the fourth, and this time connected for a 36-yard gain that easily put the Ravens in position for Cundiff’s game-winning 25-yarder.

“That’s just something Joe and I talked about throughout the week, things we felt good about going through the game plan and the two-minute package,” Cameron said.

“I think we saw Joe making it clear the things he likes, things that fit the game plan. That was one of the first plays he gave me this week he said he liked. It’s a 989 combination and the execution was flawless.”

It was a good play by Smith, who created enough room along the sidelines while working against Cardinals cornerback Richard Marshall for Flacco to drop the ball in. It was also a pinpoint pass from the Ravens’ quarterback.

But Cameron also deserves some of the credit – although he wasn’t asking for it.

Cameron heard the clamor from the fans after a lowly offensive performance in a 12-7 loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars on Monday Night Football. It comes with the territory of being a play-caller, he said.

“Maybe I’m getting goofy at this, but I appreciate the brutality of our fans in a way because it’s so important for them,” Cameron said. “I have no problems being a target because I know I’ve got great guys to come back.”

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