Bold Predictions: Dickson Breaks Out Before Heap’s Eyes

Here’s what you think will happen in Sunday’s Ravens-Cardinals game.

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We here at reached out to The Flock on Facebook, Twitter and the Ravens’ forums to ask one question:

What will happen Sunday versus the Cardinals?

Here is a selection of the best, or at least most entertaining, responses:


Ryan Coy: Boldin with 5 catches 123 yds and 2 touchdowns

Jennifer Clancy: Ed Reed will get 3 INT’s

Kenny Carter: Flacco steps up [and] throws for 305 yards and 3 touchdowns. Ravens D steps up again and allows no touchdowns. Ravens win 28-3

Conor Nishimura: My bold prediction? Boldin catches the game winning td just to throw some extra salt in the wound

Jason Weiss: After Monday night, I think the boys have something to prove. Much like after the Jets game. Flacco will be 70% accurate, throwing for 220 yds. Rice will accumulate 140 yds with two td’s. Defense gets 2 takeaways.


@SAKalinich: #Ravens 20-10 Ed Reed will steal pass from Heap on 20 yd line & go 80 for TD/Dickson takes screen pass for TD

@HenokeTheGreat: I think the Ravens get back on track and Anquan has a huge game against his old team. Another win at home 27-6.

@BDaSilva12: Dickson will have breakout game, proving Ozzie was right letting Heap go

@BawmerBob: Rice 200 yard total…offense will use this as a turning point in the season…and I feel the D will pitch a shutout

@KClancy09: Defense picks Kolb off 3 times and sacks him 5 times. Ravens win by 21+


Purple Nurple: Heap catches a Kolb pass over the middle, the crowd goes nuts with the HHHEEEAAAPPPP chant. Heap, feeling the love, changes directions and runs it in for a Ravens score!!!!

Redrum52: Bold prediction, the defense will be on the field less than offense.

PWNEDbyDEANO: Reed picks Kolb off NINE yards deep in our end zone this time and breaks his own record again as he takes it to the house. Kolb spends the rest of the game crying about how Ed Reed owns him.

Twistidfunk: Cundiff makes a 50-yard field goal

Americanmade2012: Lee Evans plays

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