Cam, Joe Talk About Accelerating Hurry-Up

Quarterback Joe Flacco has the freedom to call a play whenever he needs to.

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After every game, quarterback Joe Flacco and Offensive Coordinator Cam Cameron watch the tape and talk about what went well and what they both can work on to improve.

Part of their discussion after Monday’s 12-7 loss to Jacksonville was about how to be quicker in the two-minute drill.

One way is to have the quarterback making the calls in those situations, and it’s something Cameron and Flacco are working on together.

2 Minute Drill: Cameron Addresses Misconceptions

“I think that’s something you always want to work toward,” Cameron said. “He and I have talked about that.

“I think Joe knows this and understands this, he can call any play when he feels he needs to. He can suggest one at any time. He’s made several suggestions this year and he knows when he suggests one, I call it.”

When asked on Wednesday whether there was any truth to fan speculation about whether the offense would move faster if Flacco were calling the plays in hurry-up situations, Flacco said, “I guess there’s probably truth to that.”

It wasn’t something Flacco said he wanted to take on or was campaigning for, however.

“It’s just how quickly can I think on my feet and get the play out there,” he said. “It’s just a matter of how we want to do it.”

The Ravens had a successful late-game drive in Jacksonville, going 90 yards in three minutes, 20 seconds for a touchdown with two minutes, two seconds remaining on the clock.

But their pursuit to improve in every area doesn’t stop there.

“The one thing you always tell him is, ‘Hey, you got it,’” Cameron said.

“What I’ve done with guys in the past, they look over and sometimes they need a play. I say, ‘Don’t be afraid. Don’t let your pride get in the way.’ If you need an idea, if you need a call, all you have to do is press a button and you can talk to the guy instantly. It’s something that can really work.”

Cameron is a coordinator who is inclusive of his other coaches and players, both before and during games.

A week ago against the Texans, Cameron took a suggestion from running back Ray Rice and Running Backs Coach Wilbert Montgomery to tweak the running scheme. After the game, Rice thanked his coordinator.

As Flacco has matured as a quarterback, he and Cameron have worked more toward giving him more freedom in the Ravens’ offense.

“I just believe in that,” Cameron said. “I come from that kind of environment when the quarterback gets involvement with the play-calling. He’s had a significant amount of input. And I’d love for him to do that.”

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