John Harbaugh Takes His Brother’s Side

John Harbaugh has spoken to brother Jim Harbaugh about his buzz worthy handshake.

Posted by Ryan Mink on Monday, October 17th, 2011 at 5:13 pm | Categories: Ryan Mink

John Harbaugh has talked to his younger brother and 49ers Head Coach Jim Harbaugh about his now infamous handshake with Lions Head Coach Jim Schwartz.

And he’s come to a decision…

“I think I know who was right,” John said Monday eliciting laughter from the gathered media.

“But whoever was right or wrong, I know whose side I’m on. I’m taking sides, the same side I’ve always taken.”

Celebrating a 25-19 win in Detroit over the previously undefeated Lions, Jim joyfully bounded to the middle of the field to shake hands with Schwartz.

He clearly gave a strong handshake, which Jim later admitted was “a little too hard.” Schwartz claimed he was cursed at.

The Lions coach then went at Harbaugh, yelling at him and bumping him with his shoulder as the two coaches and teams exited the field. You can watch the fracas here.

John said he has spoken to his brother, but told reporters that he wasn’t going to share the details of their conversation.

“Everybody’s got a lot to learn,” John said. “Right now he’s 5-1. If the biggest lesson he has right now is how to shake hands postgame after a victory, he’s doing okay.”

Strangely enough, Jim and Schwartz worked together for the Ravens in 1998. Harbaugh was Baltimore’s starting quarterback and Schwartz was a defensive assistant coach.

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