Late For Work 8/26: Can’t-Miss Ray Lewis Sideline Antics

Plus how do Bills justify giving up Evans for a 4th-rounder and don’t mess with Pollard.

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Can’t-Miss Ray Lewis Sideline Antics

For those of you who watched the Ravens’ 34-31 win at M&T Bank Stadium last night, you missed a memorable fourth-quarter Ray Lewis interview on ESPN.

In fact Lewis was so good, he even got the enemy, Pittsburgh Steelers safety Ryan Clark, to begrudgingly give him props via Twitter.

I hate to admit it but Ray Lewis is entertaining me,” wrote @RealRClark25.

Before Suzy Kolber could get any dialogue going with Lewis, Joe Flacco temporarily stole the spotlight by dousing No. 52 with water over the head.

Cameras caught Ray Rice in the background, bent over gasping for air from laughing so hard.

Kolber tried to continue the interview, but Lewis made it difficult for her to ask any questions. The 16-year veteran was too excited watching the game and cheering on his young teammates who were trying to make the team.

Just after quarterback Tyrod Taylor completed a first-down pass to receiver Justin Harper at the 9-yard line with 51 seconds remaining, Lewis took over Mike Tirico’s play-by-play duties.

“First down! First down! First down,” Lewis yelled.

“Forty seconds left. Tyrod Taylor – human highlight reel. We hurrying up.”

Lewis glanced back at the ticking clock while the offense rushed to get to the line of scrimmage to set up the next play, “Thirty-five seconds. We ain’t got no timeouts left on the clock.”

Taylor goes now under center.

“Come on, Tyrod! Come on, Tyrod. You got to down the ball. Spike it! Spike it! Spike it!”


The ball is snapped and Tyrod drops back to pass.

“Oh! He faked it,” Lewis yelled.

Cameras focused back on the field.

Brandon Jones reeled in the catch, ran toward the goal line and stretched for the pylon as a defender pushed him out of bounds.

“Oh! Oh! Oh,” Lewis’ screaming voice started to fade as he ran toward the sideline to see if Jones got in.

The referees initially ruled the ball down at the 1-yardline, but a review showed that Jones was able hit the inside of the pylon with the ball.

Lewis explains why the call would be overturned.

“We just went over that rule,” Lewis said as enthusiastically as if a playoff game was on the line. “They just showed us about that rule. Anytime the ball breaks the pylon, it’s a touchdown. So we just made a touchdown.”

And won the game.

Thanks Ray. That was highly entertaining.

Bills Can’t Justify Giving Up Evans

Flacco’s perfectly-thrown ball to receiver Lee Evans on a fade route for a 35-yard touchdown was a thing of beauty.

On the route, Evans flashed blazing speed that impressed both the former and current Ravens head coaches.

“The play that Evans made … wow,” John Harbaugh said. “To be able to go get that ball the way he did, there was a point in time where I didn’t think he was going to be able to catch up with the throw. I guess Joe knew he would be able to catch up.”

Shortly after the play occurred, Brian Billick wrote from his Twitter account, “Said it last week…Evans is too fast.  How do Bills justify giving that up for a 4th rounder? Ravens will take adv. of that all year!”

According to many Bills fans at the time of the trade, it wasn’t justified.

They took to message boards to voice their complaints. Many like this one from Jeff Losel from Hamburg, N.Y.:

“Another mistake by the Bills,” he wrote. “Even though Evans hadn’t produced much lately, he was a big part of [Stevie] Johnson’s good year. Not to mention, you got rid of your only proven deep threat. A late fourth-round pick may step on the field in 2 or 3 years. Getting rid of your best players, and not replacing them is not how you win.”

Quick Hit Impressions Of Ravens-Skins Contest

On strong safety Bernard Pollard’s scrum: Pollard is not going to be messed with,” wrote The Baltimore Sun’s Ken Murray. “He had his helmet yanked off after an extra point in the game’s opening minutes and tangled with the Redskins’ Trent Williams. It turned into a rugby scrum, and apparently no punches were thrown, but Pollard brings a real physical presence to the Ravens.” 

On playing Lewis in the preseason: “When Ray Lewis doesn’t play at maximum intensity, it can be tough to watch,” wrote The Sun’s Kevin Van Valkenburg. “No point in playing him in the final preseason game. Did you see Lewis get absolutely bulldozer blocked by Trent Williams on Tim Hightower’s touchdown run? Not that you should sweat it much, but that was a perfect example of why stories about how “ageless” Lewis is are wishful thinking. He’s still a great player when he’s fired up and ready to run through a wall, but there isn’t much point in having him out there in preseason anymore. Harbaugh shouldn’t even play him next week.”

On the corner competition: Best, and biggest, cornerback tandem so far for Baltimore this preseason is Jimmy Smith and Cary Williams,” tweeted Ravens Insider Aaron Wilson.

On the struggling Ravens defense: “There’s been a lot of talk about new defensive coordinator Chuck Pagano re-energizing his unit, but in this game, the defense looked a lot like last year’s, which ranked 20th in the league in pass defense,” wrote’s John Eisenberg. “The Redskins put together touchdown drives of 97, 80 and 68 yards, with most of the gains coming in the air.”

On the Dickson, Pitta competition: Dickson may have a slight lead at tight end,” wrote ESPN’s James Walker. “The Ravens have a young tight end combo in Dickson and Dennis Pitta. Both are in a close competition for the starting job. Pitta jumped out of the gate fast this preseason but Dickson is finishing strong. He recorded three catches for 57 yards against Washington.” 

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