Cameron Calls Taylor ‘Special’

For right now, rookie quarterback Tyrod Taylor is the Ravens’ No. 2.

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To say Ravens Offensive Coordinator Cam Cameron is impressed with sixth-round rookie quarterback Tyrod Taylor would be an understatement.

“This kid is special,” Cameron said after Tuesday’s practice.

With last year’s No. 2, Marc Bulger, currently sitting on the free agent market, Taylor has been running with the second-team offense during the first week of Ravens training camp.

And he’s done so well so far that Cameron isn’t ruling Taylor out as Joe Flacco’s backup quarterback this season.

Cam Cameron Thinks Tyrod Taylor is a Special Talent at QB
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Taylor has impressed with his maneuverability in the pocket, lightening quick moves and the ability to scramble up the field.

But the former ACC Offensive Player of the Year out of Virginian Tech has shown more than that. He has a strong arm and has displayed exceptional touch on some deep passes thus far in camp.

“You saw the practice. We have got a heck of a young quarterback,” Cameron said. “It is asking a lot out of him, but right now we’re getting him ready to play.”

The Ravens could still sign a veteran security blanket behind Joe Flacco, however.

Cameron said having Taylor as the backup “may not be in our – or his – best interest.”

Taylor, who like all rookies has been hampered by the lack of offseason camps due to the lockout, has occasionally shown his youth. He fell down coming away from center on Tuesday and fumbled on the play. Not surprisingly, there’s also been confusion on different plays.

Taylor has been encouraged with his progress thus far, but acknowledged there’s a very long way to go.

“Of course getting a playbook early and knowing some of the things [Cameron's] going to talk about helps the process,” Taylor said. “But still, it’s a lot of information.”

For as laid-back as Taylor is, Cameron is that much more smitten.

“We have us a good, young quarterback and I won’t back up on that,” he said. “I just have so much confidence in the people we draft and [the scouting department has] done it again. They have found another extremely bright, talented, young quarterback.”

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