Poll: What Song Pumps You Up?

The Ravens are looking for that one song that will set the crowd off.

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The Ravens are looking for one special song that will ignite the crowd at M&T Bank Stadium, but they want to bring the vote to the fans.

Much in the vein of how Pittsburgh’s Heinz Field rallies when “Renegade” is played just before the fourth quarter, the Ravens want to create such an environment.

BaltimoreRavens.com took hundreds of fan submissions for songs and, with the help of Coach Harbaugh, whittled them down to these final six.

Take your pick to pump up your gameday experience in 2011 and perhaps beyond.

Joe Satriani: “Crowd Chant”

Guitar wizard Joe Satriani offers a perfect call-and-response with only his axe, shredding a slew of licks that are mimicked by a rollicking crowd. It’s all instrumental, but it does the job.

White Stripes: “Seven Nation Army”

Jack and Meg White put out this one in 2003, but it was lasting enough that Rolling Stone ranked it sixth among the 50 Best Songs of the Decade. The stomping guitar riff is unforgettable, so much so that it’s gotten to be quite popular with European soccer fans.

Skillet: “Hero”

The hard-hitting Christian rock band’s single has been used in the broadcasts of several NFL games, including the 2009 kickoff that pitted the Steelers against the Tennessee Titans. Fans of WWE would also recognize it from the 2010 Royal Rumble.

Shinedown: “Diamond Eyes”

Those who have seen Sylvester Stallone’s recent movie, “The Expendables,” would be familiar with the machine-gun assault of Shinedown’s 2010 single. Would M&T Bank Stadium boil over with 70,000 fans screaming “Boom-Lay! Boom-Lay! Boom!”

Metallica: “Enter Sandman”

The opening riff in “Enter Sandman” is unmistakable, a stadium anthem for the ages. James Hetfield’s growling vocals make it hard to not go “Off to Neverneverland” with the metal gods.

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