Bold Predictions: Who Will Be Ravens’ Star From 2014-2016? takes a question to the fans to ask for their bold predictions.

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It’s the time of week where asks fans on Facebook, Twitter and the forums one question to get your bold predictions.

This week we stole a page from the blog of ESPN’s James Walker, who wondered who will be the Ravens’ future star from 2014-2016. He chose running back Ray Rice.

Ravens fans chimed in with a wide range of guesses. Here is a selection of the best, or at least most entertaining:


@Seth_Austin: Torrey Smith is going to be the all-time leading receiver in Ravens history when it’s said and done.

@Stevens4932: Jameel McClain will be the star in that period because he will have taken Ray Lewis’ place as an every down star linebacker.

@MJSmooth4Life: Jimmy Smith After he dominates a few seasons his swagger will sure to explode and he will emerge as a Ray Lewis type leader

@TheDingoAvenger: David Reed. He’s already a stud returner, and he’ll be a beast out of the slot when he, Smith, and Doss are the 1st team WRs.


Stephon Nicholson: Joe Flacco…Without a doubt!!!!!! By then the training wheels will be completely off and he’ll be riding a motorized uni cycle….WAKO FOR FLACCO!!!!

Ben Seruvakula: Sergio Kindle. Suggs 2.0

Rahul Sitaram: Haloti Ngata. The man has had some great defensive plays, is athletic, and I personally cannot wait to see what he will do in seasons to come. Also, Terrell Suggs is a monster when it comes to putting pressure on the quarterback and the other team’s offense overall. Both these guys are gonna be future leaders of the Ravens.

Daniel Datu: Anthony Allen. Why? Because he has the size, drive and power similar to Steven Jackson. He would have been a 2nd/3rd round pick if it wasn’t for GT’s unconventional scheme.

Duane C. Bond: I think by then the next generation quarterbacks would have taken over the league, instead of Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, and Drew Brees…I see Matt Ryan, Joe Flacco, and Sam Bradford

Logan Goodman: I’m gonna say Ray Rice cause by then he will have perfected his running skills.

Corrina Donahue: Joe Flacco. He is the future leader of this franchise! We are in good and capable hands for many years to come!

Lewi Fikreyesus:
‎Ray Lewis because he will still be in the NFL because he will still be a star!


Ravensfan23: Since it’s a Bold Prediction. I say James Hardy. The NFL is a pass happy League and we have a young QB who could be one of the best deep passers in the NFL if given the proper weapons. Hardy will be one of those weapons. He’ll be a mismatch for 90% of the defensive backs in the NFL. He’ll give Flacco a tall wide body to throw to, he’ll give him a down field and red zone target. He’ll be a guy who turns errant throws into impressive completions.

In 2014 Hardy and Flacco will have been together for 4 years, and established themselves as one of the better QB/WR tandems in the NFL. In 2015 Joe Flacco and James Hardy will combine to break the single season record for passing yards and passing TD. That’s right, 5000+ yards and 55 TDs for Flacco and 25 TDs for Hardy in 2015. How Bold is that!!!!!

ArmyRaven52: ED DICKSON: Why you ask??? Isn’t it obvious this guy is a monster, big, tall, fast, good leaping ability, good YAC, and I like the way he shields the ball. In 2014-2016 he is going to have developed chemistry with Flacco who we all know is a fan of his TE’s he is going to learn under a guy who people said the same thing about years ago, and he is going to be put into an offense that run’s a lot of set’s that the TE is a receiving weapon.

big hits and ball hawks: Tandon Doss. In 3-4 years I think he’ll be the next “ol’ reliable”, except he won’t be old. I think he will have nearly perfected the whole route tree and will be dangerous running each route. Like I’ve said before in a previous bold prediction, he’ll be able to make big plays out of plays that were designed to be for short gains.

BmoreRav: Tom Zbikowski is my bold pick. Landry could be leaving for a better payday and I believe Zibby will fill in admirably!

Ravnes<3: Art Jones! He’s gonna be next Dwight Freeney! Yeah, I said it. What.

I’m going out on a limb and saying… Terrance Cody. In 2014 he’ll be coming into his prime, and I expect him to take a lot of snaps from Gregg, if not full starting duties. That is, if Gregg is even back in 2011/2012.

Ed_Reed20: Chykie Brown. He’ll be 28 and going into his fourth season come 2014, and the only CBs I see being on the team then will be Jimmy and Webb. The physical tools are there, Texas historically produce good DBs, and so do the Ravens.

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