Late For Work 7/19: Le’Ron McClain’s Dropping Weight

Plus, Ray Rice stands by his Ward comments and could James Harrison be suspended?

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Le’Ron McClain Is Serious About Being a Tailback

Take one look at Le’Ron McClain, and it’s obvious that the former 260-pound fullback is serious about being more of a featured runner.

McClain, who hosted a football camp yesterday at Baltimore Lutheran School, is noticeably trimmer, looking fast and fit with help from his personal trainer, former University of Alabama track star Roland Burks.

“I promise you I feel great,” McClain told Aaron Wilson of the Carroll County Times. “I feel like I’m where I need to be at. I’m back down like I need to be. I’m in great shape. I got my mind right, shout out to my trainer.”

Burks has McClain on a strict diet that cut out a lot of the fast food and unhealthy options that the fullback previously ate.

In addition, McClain’s regimen includes more workouts that use resistance training against his own diminishing body weight.

“I really stress the nutrition part of things and combine nutrition with the fitness part,” said Burks, who noted that McClain is his first major NFL-caliber trainee. “We stress using his body. Your body is his best machine. It came down to training and how he ate. The dude is transformed from head to toe.

“He wasn’t really introduced to the nutrition side until this year and what to eat and when to eat. No cheating. He’s eating right. He did a lot of running. He’s worked extremely hard. He put in the work.”

A safe estimate would put McClain in a weight range of 245-255 pounds, which is impressive after he went through a 2011 campaign blocking for Ray Rice weighing at least 260 pounds.

“I feel good, man. This is the best I’ve been feeling in a long time,” said McClain.

The weight loss is part of McClain’s campaign to be more of a featured runner, harking back to 2008 when he led the Ravens with 902 rushing yards and 10 touchdowns.

With the potential to become an unrestricted free agent, McClain could be in high demand on the open market.

“It’s just a blessing, all the hard work has paid off for four years to get to this opportunity,” McClain said. “I just want to find out where I’m going to be playing next year.”

Rice: “People Look Up To You, Hines”

Ray Rice made headlines last week when he said that Pittsburgh Steelers wideout Hines Ward’s recent arrest for driving under the influence was “not a good look.”  

The Ravens’ running back stands by his statement.

“People look up to you, Hines," Rice told Jamison Hensley of the Baltimore Sun. "You just were on TV with Dancing with the Stars. Ravens fans were upset that you won Dancing with the Stars but they still watched you. That shows your charisma and character. You’ve got a legacy in the NFL that no one can take away from you. But if you hurt somebody drunk driving, that takes away a lot."

Rice made his earlier remarks via Twitter and caused a small brouhaha with Steelers safety Ryan Clark.

But drunk driving is close to Rice’s heart.  His cousin was killed by a drunk driver in 1998.  Rice also is a spokesman for Maryland’s “Checkpoint Strikeforce,” an initiative that aims to keep drunk drivers off the roads.

“I didn’t put it on Twitter to disrespect," Rice said. "I just said ‘it’s not a good look.’ Their whole town knows it’s not a good look. It doesn’t matter what team you play for. When it comes across the ticker that you got arrested for a DUI, it’s not a good look."

King Thinks NFL Is Considering Suspending Harrison

The Ravens are scheduled to kick off their 2011 campaign against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sept. 11, and esteemed Sports Illustrated reporter Peter King thinks there is a chance one of the key players in that matchup won’t be suiting up.

In a recent interview on the NFL Network, King told Fran Charles that linebacker James Harrison, a longtime thorn in the Ravens’ side, could be suspended because of his comments disparaging NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and the league.

“For James Harrison to have attacked the commissioner, who is the confidant of (Steelers owner) Dan Rooney — and no two guys are closer — I just think there has to be some repercussions,” said King.  ”It’s a tough call; first game of the season is the Baltimore Ravens. But I’d be surprised if they aren’t at least considering suspending him for the first game of the season. Not saying they will, but you can’t tell me that it hasn’t crossed their mind.”

Harrison made waves in an explosive feature in Men’s Health magazine, where he described Goodell as a “crook,” “stupid,” “puppet” and “dictator,” along with an anti-gay slur.

Neal Doesn’t Think Ray Will Play Past 2012

Former Ravens fullback Lorenzo Neal doesn’t think his friend, All-World linebacker Ray Lewis, will play past the 2012 season.

Neal, who was attending Ray Rice’s football camp in Towson on Monday, was confident that Lewis would simply play out the final two years of his contract.

“I think Ray [will retire] this year or next year,” said Neal. “I don’t think he’ll play after these two years. I think he’ll just bow out.”

The 36-year-old Lewis is entering his 16th season, but hasn’t slowed down much after leading the team with 145 tackles in 2010.

In Neal’s only season with the Ravens, he had a locker that was close to No. 52′s, and the two enjoyed a healthy rivalry when they squared off against each other for 13 years.

“This might be Ray’s last year,” said Neal. “You’re getting ready to lose an icon. What he lacks in athletic ability now – you can see it and he can see it, he’s not crazy – but he has it here [points to his head]. He anticipates. He studies enough film to get to play.”

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