Bold Predictions: Who Will Be Ravens’ Backup QB? takes a question to the fans to ask for their bold predictions.

Posted by Ryan Mink on Wednesday, July 13th, 2011 at 11:12 am | Categories: Ryan Mink

Yesterday, asked fans on Facebook, Twitter and the Ravens’ forums for their bold predictions on a popular topic.
The question: Who will be the Ravens’ backup quarterback in 2011?

Last year’s backup, Marc Bulger, is an unrestricted free agent. That leaves Virginia Tech’s Tyrod Taylor, a sixth-round rookie, and youngster Hunter Cantwell, who spent last year on the practice squad, as the only two quarterbacks currently on the roster behind Flacco.

Here is a selection of the best, or at least most entertaining, responses:


@izvoodoo: Hopefully marc bulger, as it would be almost impossible for another quarterback to learn the playbook in any real capacity.

@TopNotchNiceGuY: tyrod taylor. We could use him like how the eagles used vick. Trick plays and all that

@shoobdt2: marc bulger because he will know the guys and the offence the best. OR FARVE!!!!

@The_Problem187: bulger will stay. He likes the organization and has accepted he has become a backup in this league.

@orchardinho: would love to see @TyrodTaylor learn alot from Donavan McNabbulous, who should backup Flacco next yr

@elishearn: I say bulger comes back. Who wouldn’t want $3 mill to hold a clipboard?

@Jwest410: im goin out on a limb and say mcNabb. I know he wont want to be a back up but idk if a startin deal is gonna come.

@HoldemProEV: Shaun Hill fits the bill perfectly…fiesty vet who has similar traits to Trent Dilfer

@PieVSTheWorld: @AnquanBoldin!!! After all he did play QB position in college didn’t he?! Lol

@zachholzman: it doesnt matter. Flacco doesn’t fall off bikes. Or get in trouble with the law. He’ll be strapping up every game like always


Ryan Mcgraw: Donovan Mcnabb we need a solid backup but not for 5 mill a year and he will b cheaper and he’s got ties to harbaugh

Jermaine Butler: Kyle Boller… … … Stop laughing! Campbell & Gradkowski in Oak means Boller may be expendable.

Tyler J Langley: This is bold as hell daunte cullpeper mr arena football lol

Dan Stevenson: I’m gonna say Bulger or a guy who will get cut, who was also drafted the same year. Chad Henne.

Brandon Bigb Grant: tyrod taylor he maybe a rookie but harbaugh knows how to shape up rookies for the season flacco & rice are a perfect example

Brad Clark: Shane" footsteps" Falco. He did great during the lockout in "The Replacements"


PuRock: Tyler Thigpen, Brodie Croyle or Jim Sorgi. I think the Ravens want a guy who can make plays right now. Thigpen and Croyle are ready to play as backups now. Jim Sorgi as a consolation because he has played behind one of the best and knows what it takes to sit back and learn.

Irish Raven: Bruce Gradowski, Good leader, has experience and also experience of coming into games. And hey, led his team to win over the Steelers

Free Agent: My bold prediction would be Terrelle Pryor, but I hope that Bulger will return as the Ravens’ backup QB.

I think it will be Marc Bulger again. The reason I say this is that Marc is somewhat settled in the community now and also got paid handsomely for very little wear and tear on his body. He likes the situation he is in right now and also knows that he will be leading the charge for a contender should Flacco be injured.

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