Poll: Ravens’ Biggest Non-Steelers Rival

Besides the Steelers, who is the Ravens’ biggest rival?

Posted by Mike Duffy on Tuesday, July 12th, 2011 at 3:02 pm | Categories: Mike Duffy

Every Ravens fan knows the Pittsburgh Steelers are their team’s biggest rival, but which team falls in line after that AFC North foe?

There are several clubs who could fit the bill, four of which the Ravens will play this season.

BaltimoreRavens.com wants to hear from you. Cast your vote and comment below with your reasoning.

Here are a few teams to consider:

Ravens' Biggest Non-Steelers Rival

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Indianapolis Colts
All-Time Regular-Season Series: Indianapolis, 6-2
Last Three Regular-Season Matchups: The Colts have won each of the last three times they have faced the Ravens.
Notes: The memory of the Mayflower moving trucks leaving Charm City in the early 1980s still lingers in the minds of many, but for the more current Ravens fans, the sting of falling to the Colts in the 2006 and 2009 playoffs may burn hotter.  The Ravens have not been able to solve the Peyton Manning puzzle in recent years, and they’ll likely have to do that in the seasons to come.

New England Patriots
All-Time Regular-Season Series: New England, 6-0
Last Three Regular-Season Matchups: Obviously, the Patriots have pitched a shutout against Baltimore.
Notes: Even though the Ravens have not been able to match the Pats in the regular season, a dominating victory in the 2009 playoffs was a major statement for Baltimore.  With Bill Belichick at the helm and Tom Brady under center, the offensive/defensive chess match is always an entertaining game.

New York Jets
All-Time Regular-Season Series: Baltimore, 6-1
Last Three Regular-Season Matchups: The Ravens have won each of the last three regular-season meetings.
Notes: With bombastic former Ravens Defensive Coordinator Rex Ryan now leading the Jets, the back and forth between these two teams always provides some fireworks, especially now that Bart Scott and other former Ravens are in that locker room.

Cincinnati Bengals
All-Time Regular-Season Series: Baltimore, 16-14
Last Three Regular-Season Matchups: Baltimore beat the Bengals the last time they were both on the field, but Cincinnati won the two prior contests.
Notes: The Ravens and Bengals have gone back and forth over the years, with each team running off a few victories in a row before the other takes control.  If the Bengals can put it all together, they offer another potential AFC North roadblock.

Cleveland Browns
All-Time Regular-Season Series: Baltimore, 17-7
Last Three Regular-Season Matchups: The Ravens are perfect in their last three meetings with Cleveland.
Notes: The Browns have fallen on hard times since conference realignment, but the feelings of resentment over the franchise relocating to Baltimore from Cleveland puts more shine on this rivalry.

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