Ravens Have Been More Aggressive In FA

History shows traditionally patient Baltimore has been more active on the market lately.

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The Ravens’ blueprint is to build through the draft.

But that doesn’t mean Baltimore has sat out free agency either – especially over the past couple years.

When trying to judge how active the Ravens will be once there’s a new collective bargaining agreement and the lockout ends, one of the best places to look is at the team’s history.

Here’s a catalog of the team’s impact signings over the past five offseasons:

This was one of the most aggressive offseasons in franchise history. The Ravens went to work adding established receivers to their roster. Anquan Boldin was one of the biggest prizes on the market, and T.J. Houshmandzadeh and Donte’ Stallworth were proven assets. Former Pro Bowl kicker Shayne Graham was brought in as competition and the Ravens snatched up a top-notch backup quarterback.

  • Feb. 17 – Signed free agent WR Donte’ Stallworth
  • March 5 – Traded 2010 third- and fourth-round draft picks to Arizona for WR Anquan Boldin and a 2010 fifth-round draft choice
  • March 29 – Signed free agent DE Cory Redding
  • June 3 – Signed free agent K Shayne Graham
  • June 22 – Signed free agent S Ken Hamlin
  • July 13 – Signed free agent QB Marc Bulger
  • Aug. 31 – Traded conditional draft pick to Seattle for CB Josh Wilson
  • Sept. 6 – Signed free agent WR T.J. Houshmandzadeh

Re-signing a legend in Ray Lewis and locking up linebacker Terrell Suggs were the two biggest moves. But outside of keeping their own, grabbing center Matt Birk, a six-time Pro Bowler, was important for young quarterback Joe Flacco, as was signing a No. 1 cornerback in Domonique Foxworth.

  • Feb 27 – Signed free agent CB Domonique Foxworth
  • March 4 – Signed free agent C Matt Birk
  • March 10 – Re-signed free agent LB Ray Lewis
  • March 20 – Signed free agent TE L.J. Smith
  • April 6 – Re-signed free agent CB Samari Rolle
  • May 18 – Signed free agent WR Kelley Washington
  • July 17 – Signed designated franchise player LB Terrell Suggs to a six-year contract

Some late additions mostly accounted for this smaller class. Veteran blocker Lorenzo Neal and offensive tackle Willie Anderson combined to play 30 games that season.

  • April 21 – Re-signed free agent G Jason Brown
  • April 27 – Traded 2008 fourth-round draft pick to Oakland for CB Fabian Washington
  • Aug. 12 – Signed free agent FB Lorenzo Neal
  • Aug 27 – Signed (via trade with Tampa Bay) DE Marques Douglas
  • Sept. 5 – Signed free agent T Willie Anderson

There were just two big moves in 2007. Giving up three picks for running back Willis McGahee was the richest trade the team has ever completed. Baltimore brought back Jarret Johnson to replace Adalius Thomas, who left for New England one day earlier.

  • March 5 – Re-signed free agent LB/DE Jarret Johnson to a six-year contract
  • March 8 – Signed RB Willis McGahee to a six-year contract in a trade with the Bills in exchange for three draft picks (a third and a seventh in 2007 and a third in 2008)

The Ravens were fairly aggressive in 2006, as they quickly went after pass rusher Trevor Pryce. Getting a proven quarterback in Steve McNair was key to the Ravens winning the AFC North crown.

  • March 14 – Signed free agent DE Trevor Pryce
  • March 14 – Signed free agent DT Justin Bannan
  • March 14 – Signed free agent RB Mike Anderson
  • March 14 – Re-signed free agent LB Bart Scott
  • March 15 – Re-signed free agent RB Jamal Lewis
  • June 8 – Traded 2007 fourth-round draft pick to Tennessee for QB Steve McNair
  • June 19 – Traded 2007 conditional draft pick to Indianapolis for S Gerome Sapp

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