Bold Predictions: Who Will Be Ravens’ Biggest FA Signing? takes a question to the fans to ask for their bold predictions.

Posted by Ryan Mink on Wednesday, June 29th, 2011 at 5:06 pm | Categories: Ryan Mink

It’s the time of week where asks fans for their bold predictions on a popular topic.

We reached out to those of you on Facebook, Twitter and the Ravens’ forums to ask one question:

Who will be the Ravens’ biggest free-agent signing this offseason?

Of course, there can be no signings at this point due to the lockout. But once that’s over, there could be a frenzy.

Here is a selection of the best, or at least most entertaining, responses:


@BDaSilva12: The biggest FA move will be bringing back Josh Wilson!!#Ravens solved their problems in the draft and he is a solid CB.

@elishearn: ronnie brown to replace mcgahee. Re-sign yanda, carr and extend flacco, ngata, rice.

@TheGableGuy: marshal yanda if he becomes a free agent because gaither is gone and Reid at RT so yanda will help hold down the right side

@imis24: Nnamdi Asomugha. Cuz he’s gonna realize he’s the missing piece to our super bowl rings. He will also tutor @RealJimmySmith

@BrianWilliams80: Ngata because we need him more than anyone else


Tyler Harris: There’s no way we’re getting nmadi, we have to get flacco and ngata big contracts, I think it’ll be vickers at fullback

Joe Winfield: Wide receiver Steve Smith from Carolina!! he still got skills and we need a good receiver

Edwin Kane Ayala: We need could use C. Portis as a good back up and kiwanuka is not a bad choice as well

Buck Brogdon: Brett Farve…. Backup for Joe Flacco for the rest of his life….

TR Samuel Kaline: Nnamdi if I’m living in a fantasy world, but for the real world id have to say Ray Edwards.

Quinyon Tinman Davenport: OSI umenyoira He can be the guy we need on the other side of suggs

Norris Middlebrook: Randy Moss , because he is a deep threat wit speed and that’s what we need !!!

N-Grant Zajis: Babin. Pass rush is needed… after adding Smith the secondary is in better shape (Nmandi may cost too much). TO is done, knee surgery. Let’s pick up Babin, shore up the pass rush… and Ravens be back on top!!

Kile Moore: The Ravens will sign T.O. and Ochocinco. Then get Nnamdi and Jonathon Joseph. Revamp!

John Snider: We gotta have us a deep threat can’t win games wit out putting points on the board plaxico would be a great weapon for a bargain price!

Paul Sullivan: Marc Bulger, because Flacco is always 1 hit away, from 8-8.

Ray Askins: Ray Askins. The best hype man on the team. Good locker room guy and can get me…..I mean him, for the league min.


FerrariFan87: Biggest in terms of size: Haloti Ngata! Biggest in terms of “making a splash”: Nnamdi Asomugha

-Truth-: Cullen Jenkins. According to a number of reports, Jenkins is likely to test the Free Agent market. Once again, it’s not a popular move to bring in another aging vet, especially given that Redding is still under contract. However, with Ngata still improving his pass rush, our front 3 hasn’t been overly effective in this department.

Suggs Package: I don’t think we’re going after Lawrence Vickers. Call me crazy, but I think we will target Vonta Leach instead and he will be one of our big FA signing. I don’t think we will go after any possible restricted free agents.

Lowrider: Jared Gaither without a doubt. Our o line struggles of last year, made it evident that we need Jared Gaither to be the top LT that he is