Anthem Finalists Perform at M&T

10 singers auditioned at M&T Bank Stadium Tuesday for a chance to sing the National Anthem at Monster Jam.

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Weeks ago fans were given the unique opportunity, a chance to sing the National Anthem at M&T Bank Stadium, an honor traditionally reserved for the Ravens official anthem singer, Misheal Miller.

For the past two weeks contestants submitted their audition clips to FOX 45 News, allowing fans to vote for their favorite.

The top ten finalists moved onto today’s live final round of auditions this morning at M&T Bank Stadium in front of their families and a judge’s panel. Even Tom Meents, the nine-time Monster Jam World Champion and driver of Maximum Destruction, was there to take it all in.

“I am very excited to be competing at M&T Bank Stadium, this is a huge first time event at this stadium with 16 of the top monster trucks, our biggest show this summer,” Meets said. “Very seldom do we have an event of this caliber other than the World Finals in Vegas.”

The opportunity to sing the National Anthem at M&T Bank Stadium is a rare one.

The top 10 male and female contestants arrived at 6:00 am to perform on the field for a panel of judges and the live viewing audience of FOX 45 Morning News. Contestants were judged on their talent, execution, personality & physical appearance.

As if the pressure of singing on live TV in front of 4 local celebrity judges, including Misheal Miller, isn’t stressful enough, the judges will announce the winner tomorrow morning live on FOX 45 Morning News.

The competition started out strong with contestant number 1, Diamond. For those who didn’t tune in to hear, she boasted a strong voice that sounded as if she had been doing this for years.

As the others followed, you could clearly see how talented and unique these singers were. Contestant number 6, Katie, was instantly known for her blue high heeled pumps, while contestant number 4 was instantly labeled as Joel D. Smith’s long lost twin.

While some contestants looked out at the nearly empty stadium seats, others looked to their family and friends who brought posters and noise makers. While some even imagined that the entire stadium was full for a Ravens football game, all had a method to calm their nerves.

It will be interesting to see who had what it takes to be great enough to allow them to perform in front of the crowd at M&T Bank Stadium for Monster Jam’s Havoc in the Habor next weekend on Saturday July 9th.

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