Bold Predictions: Who Will Be The Ravens’ Starting CBs?

The Flock chimed in on who they think will be starting at cornerback in 2011.

Posted by Mike Duffy on Wednesday, June 15th, 2011 at 1:28 pm | Categories: Mike Duffy

It’s that time of the week again, where took to The Flock to see what fans think about a key issue facing their favorite team in 2011.
In the second installment of “Bold Predictions,” fans chimed in on who they think will start at cornerback for the Ravens in the coming season.
We got several interesting combinations via the message boards, @1WinningDrive Twitter account and official Facebook page.
There were many fans clamoring for Oakland Raiders free agent Nnamdi Asomugah, and others assumed the Ravens would re-sign one or more of their expected free-agent corners (Fabian Washington, Chris Carr and Josh Wilson).
Here are some of the best responses:
Thomas Mersburgh: Nnamdi Asmougha and Jimmy Smith. Baltimore will be a no passing zone!
RayRuuu: ashomugha and darrel revis!!
JasonJ0: Foxworth & Webb. The lockout (if its not settled soon) will force Harbaugh to go with veterans for the first few games.
Tommy Warnick: Wow, everyone simply says "Asomugha and Smith" There is no way we are going to sign Nnamdi, at least if we wanna keep Ngata, and everyone thinks that Smith is gonna jump in game one and finish the season with 9 int’s and 14 pass deflections, come on people, think realistically.
Jeff Johnson Jr: Depth Chart…. Webb/ Smith/ Wilson/ Foxworth/ Carr. Pretty solid with maybe carry williams and Brown fighting for 6th spot and special teams.
Stevens4932: starting cbs will be Foxworth and Webb with Carr at nickel until week 4 when Jimmy Smith takes over for Webb.
Jason Grijalva: By mid season rookie Jimmy Smith will have played himself into the staring role opposite of Dominique Foxworth. The true dilemma is re-sign Chris Carr or Josh Wilson? Tough because they’re all #TrueRavens!
Jermaine Butler: Folks need to remember that Carr, Fabian, and Wilson are NOT under contract. I’d love to see them back (specifically Carr & Wilson), but Fox, Webb, & Cary Williams are the only CB’s under contract (Jimmy isn’t signed yet either).
Jordan L. Bishop: Clone Ed Reed twice and put him at both corners and safety
And finally…
TreySofka: Jimmy Smith and Dominate Foxworth

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