Cam To Continue Play-Calling From Field

Only five offensive coordinators called plays from the booth last season.

Posted by Ryan Mink on Sunday, May 15th, 2011 at 9:53 am | Categories: Ryan Mink

Ravens Offensive Coordinator Cam Cameron will continue calling plays from his usual perspective next year, says General Manager Ozzie Newsome.

Cameron has long coached from the sideline rather than watch the action perched in a booth above, and that won’t change.

“No, I think Cam is going to continue to be down on the field,” Newsome told an inquiring fan during the town-hall conference call last week with season-ticket holders.

“He likes to be down there with the action. Some people like to call it from up in the box, but he likes to be down there. He gets a chance to look the players in the eyes when they come off the field.”

It’s become much more common for play-callers to be on the field. Only five offensive coordinators in the NFL called games from a booth last season, according to the Ravens’ public relations staff.

The list included Cincinnati’s Bob Bratkowski, Miami’s Dan Henning, Jacksonville’s Dirk Koetter, St. Louis’ Pat Shurmur and Atlanta’s Mike Mularkey. Only Mularkey’s Falcons finished in the top half of the league in scoring last year.

Bratkowski is no longer with the Bengals, nor is Henning with the Dolphins. Shurmur, the Browns’ new head coach, will continue calling offensive plays, but now likely from the sideline.

The Ravens do use offensive coaches in the booth. Last season, Senior Offensive Assistant Al Saunders (now Oakland’s offensive coordinator), Offensive Quality Control Coach Jason Brooks, Offensive Assistant Craig Ver Steeg and Assistant Offensive Line Coach Andy Moeller all worked up top on gameday.

Ver Steeg will work more closely with the quarterbacks this season and Moeller is the head offensive line coach so where they position themselves during games could change.

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