Sizzle At Cannes Film Festival

Terrell Suggs’ “When Beautiful People Do Ugly Things” competes in its world premiere.

Posted by Ryan Mink on Saturday, May 14th, 2011 at 9:52 am | Categories: Ryan Mink

Filmmaking isn’t just a passion for Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs

It’s turning into a legitimate calling.

Suggs is currently at the prestigious Festival de Cannes in France, where his film “When Beautiful People Do Ugly Things” had its world premiere and will compete against other films for awards.

“Been in CANNES for a whole day and,…….. not that impressed yet!!!! lets see how day 2 goes!!!” Suggs tweeted Wednesday.

The film, produced by Suggs’ Baltimore-based company Team Sizzle Worldwide, focuses on the 24 hours surrounding a wedding. “The 12 beautiful hours before, followed by 12 ugly hours after,” states the press release.

Suggs, a huge film buff who almost always has a movie on in his locker, once again teamed up with director Monica Mingo. Mingo, who studied under Spike Lee, also worked with Suggs on another film, “sisters,” which was awarded Best Short Film 2010 at the International Black Film Festival of Nashville.

Check out the trailer from “When Beautiful People Do Ugly Things” and then the outtakes. Watch for Suggs at the 12-second mark.

Here’s some footage of Suggs, presumably with Mingo, at a casting call he held in Baltimore earlier this spring.

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