Late for Work 4/30: Bears Won’t Give Ravens Pick for Trade Snafu

Plus grades for Rds. 1-3; does Day 2′s picks mean Housh, Stallworth, Gaither will move on?

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Bisciotti: Bears Deviated from Legacy

UPDATE: Bisciotti Says Bears’ Decision Is ‘Deviation from Great Legacy’

Ravens Owner Steve Bisciotti isn’t satisfied with the Bears apology alone.

“I’m disappointed in the Bears and the McCaskeys [the Bears' owners],” Bisciotti told The Baltimore Sun. “It is in my opinion a deviation from their great legacy. They concluded that their heartfelt and admirable apology was sufficient for our loss. All of us at the Ravens strongly disagree … probably end of story.”

Chicago Bears Vice Chairman George McCaskey told the Chicago Tribune that he intends to personally speak with Bisciotti at the owners meetings in Indianapolis in May.

"I haven’t even met him, actually,” McCaskey said about Bisciotti. “I’ve seen him in league meetings. I haven’t had a chance to talk to him. But I’d prefer to talk to him about it, one-on-one, before responding to a quote in the newspaper.”

ESPN’s James Walker believes Bisciott has a right to be upset.

“On principle, the Ravens are right to be upset,” wrote Walker. “The honorable thing for the Bears to do would be to give up the pick both sides agreed upon. … Bisciotti, General Manager Ozzie Newsome and the Ravens probably won’t do business with the Bears again anytime soon.”

Added Chicago Tribune columnist David Haugh: “If Angelo’s apology was sincere, and the only thing preventing the trade from being consummated was his sloppy neglect, then the Bears should go ahead and offer to forfeit rights to that selection to the Ravens. That’s the right thing to do.”

Bears Won’t Give Ravens Pick for Trade Snafu

The Chicago Bears declined to give Baltimore compensation for the botched trade in the first round of the 2011 Draft, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter

After Ravens officials had “dialogue” with both the league and the Bears regarding reparation, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell “encouraged” the Bears to yield some type of draft payment. From Chicago’s perspective, compensation was not necessary.

“The only thing I’m gonna say [is] they have rules when you do something wrong, not when you make mistakes,” Bears General Manager Jerry Angelo said. “A mistake was made, no rule was broken.”

Each clubs’ general managers agreed to a deal Thursday night (swapping first round spots, plus a fourth-rounder to the Ravens), but Angelo admitted he and his staff dropped the ball and never called the league to confirm the transaction. Time expired on Baltimore’s chance to make a selection, forcing them to slip one spot and pick at No. 27.

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“We had a disconnect and there might be something said about it because of not communicating with the league and proper protocol; that was my fault,” Angelo told reporters Thursday. “I called Baltimore and apologized to Baltimore and told them it was our fault. They did everything according to the rules, and we thought we were following everything, and we just ran out of time. It was a glitch on our part and that glitch obviously was under my reign.”

While the Bears did not break any NFL rules, should they have opted to give the Ravens compensation for their mistake?

If you’re going by the honor code, the Ravens deserve the pick,” wrote ESPN’s James Walker. “The two sides came to an agreement and the Bears were responsible for screwing it up. But the NFL draft is big business where honor doesn’t always apply.”’s Mike Florio recalled an incident eight years ago when the Vikings missed a pick after a non-trade between them and Baltimore.  “The deal was not consummated,” Newsome said at the time.  “A deal is not a deal until I talk to [league executive] Joel Bussert, and I never talked to Joel Bussert.” 

Since the Bears never talked to the league, Florio said there wasn’t a deal, but added, “Still, it could mean that the Ravens and other teams will think twice before doing business with the Bears and G.M. Jerry Angelo in the future.”

Does Day 2’s Picks Mean Housh, Stallworth and Gaither Will Move On?

The Ravens selected trail-blazing wide receiver Torrey Smith in Round 2 last night, which could mean two free-agent receivers’ time in Charm City will end.

“Don’t expect to see free agents T.J. Houshmandzadeh or Donte’ Stallworth return to Baltimore in 2011,” wrote USA Today’s Nate Davis.

Smith’s speed brings an added dimension to the receiving corps that will allow Flacco to utilize his arm strength and should complement the skills of veterans Anquan Boldin and Derrick Mason. With the addition of Smith, would there be a niche for Housh and Stallworth? 

In early March, Head Coach John Harbaugh said he wasn’t sure if either receiver would return.

Regardless of what happens, Stallworth wishes the rookie well.

“Bmore yall are gonna LOVE [Smith],” tweeted Stallworth. “He’s a great kid, explosive & hard worker. [Mason]  is nice for you to learn from T #CONGRATS.”

Late in the third round, Ravens brass sacrificed a sixth-rounder to move up five spots and select Central Florida offensive tackle Jah Reid.  Harbaugh said that while Reid needs development, he will compete for the starting right tackle position “right out of the gate.”

“Perhaps a sign that T Jared Gaither, and his multiple issues, are done in Baltimore,” wrote Davis. “And perhaps a sign that Michael Oher will stay on the — you guessed it — blind side, even though he was more effective on the right side in 2009 as a rookie.”

Ravens Grades for Rounds 1-3

We’ll surely get overall draft grades tomorrow and Monday, but for now,’s Pete Prisco gives the Ravens a grade for each of their picks so far.

Round 1 (No. 27); Colorado CB Jimmy Smith: Grade C

Prisco: “He has top-10 ability. But they better make sure he stays away from trouble. That’s where the locker room will be big. Smith will be a quality shutdown corner — if he stays problem-free.”

Only time will tell which path Smith will choose to walk, but ESPN’s Todd McShay says the physical corner could be a “huge steal” for the Ravens.

“[Smith] is the best cover corner, I believe in terms of pure cover skills, in the entire draft,” said McShay in the video below. “That means Patrick Peterson, [and] Prince Amukamara. Every single corner in this class, none of them matches up with Smith in terms of the size, the fluidness of his hips, the instincts in coverage.”

Round 2 (No. 58); Maryland WR Torrey Smith: Grade A+

Prisco: “This is another gem by Ozzie Newsome. He can fly. They need somebody to scare down the field and he can do that.”

Round 3 (No. 85); Central Florida OT Jah Reid: Grade B

Prisco: “This is a kid who has risen up boards the past two months. He’s a tough kid who will play right tackle for the Ravens.”

Mason on Goodell Getting Booed

USA Today’s Sean Leahy believes Mason’s comments about Rodger Goodell getting booed at Radio City Music Hall shows the receiver isn’t backing down from his characterization of the NFL Commissioner as “a joke.”

Mason visited the Ravens practice facility in Owings Mills during the brief non-lockout period and discussed the booing with National Football Post’s Aaron Wilson.

“I’m pretty sure he smiled and laughed,” Mason told the National Football Post.

“I don’t know if it affected him or not. He acted like it didn’t. I think people are starting to see what I saw.”

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  • @TorreySmithWR : I’M A RAVEN BABY!!! Couldn’t be in a better place or situation I LOVE THE RAVENS FANS [Twitter]
  • deemason85: What is this world coming to.. U give us football then u take it away! Stop plain with my emotions smokey!!!! [Twitter]
  • Walker: “Whether Smith turns out to be the next Asomugha or Talib in Baltimore remains to be seen. But the talented rookie has a golden opportunity in front of him to contribute right away for a potential Super Bowl contender.” [ESPN]
  • Boldin and his wife Dionne are getting back to their Florida roots by buying a new house in Delray Beach. [South Florida Business Journal]
  • Combined 2011 NFL Draft viewership on ESPN and NFL Network was about 7 million, which made it the second-most watched first round behind last year’s 8.3 million. That’s a drop of 16%. [USA Today]
  • Ray Lewis warned NFL rookies about protecting their money from bad agents. “I’ve been through five or six agents,” Lewis says. “I see what they can do to athletes. None of this is being taught. I’m tired of seeing the same disasters because of a lack of knowledge.” [New York Daily News]

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